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May 20, 2007 07:19 AM

Best Sushi Restaurant in Sarasota

After eating at every sushi restaurant in a 30 mile radius there is finally a sushi restaurant who stands out in the crowd. Vizen Sushi in Gulf Gate is unbelievable. They truly have the best fish in town. Try the Jewel Roll and the toro. This place is a must if you like sushi.

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  1. After searching the board for "sarasota sushi" and finding only Pacific Rim and Da
    Ruma with favorable comments. I headed out this past Sunday with my mom to find that her normal Siesta Key/Gulf Gate places (Kazu and Joto) were already closed...

    A second search for "sushi sarasota" somehow released this post from May - considering they were just around the corner, we decided to give it a try (and being open until 10pm on a Sunday didn't hurt :)

    As my step-dad is a relatively new sushi initiate, we stayed pretty vanilla and kept mainly to rolls. Everything was very well prepared and the specialty rolls were quite impressive presentations. I always order sunomono when it is available, and Vizen's version was very traditional and very good. Also had the bluefin toro which was delicious.
    Would definitely recommend and hope to go again the next time I visit Sarasota!

    1. Peking Tokyo on Fruitville Rd. is great. I like Pacific Rim as well.

      1. Went there on vacation around New Year's. I even found it, having never been before to Sarasota (we drove down there from St. Pete for the day). It is fabulous and totally worth the effort to find it. Thanks immensely.

        1. In case anyone has trouble finding this place
          Vizen Japanese Restaurant

          6559 Gateway Ave., Sarasota.
          Open 5 to 10 p.m. Tuesday- Thursday, 5:30-10:30 p.m. Friday- Saturday.

          I recommend the Jewel Roll (a must), volcano roll, horse mackerel, and the Hawaiian Yellowtail. The sushi chef is one of the finest in Florida.

          I am glad to see people are finding this restaurant please spread the word, times are tough for all the restaurants in the area and this is one of the true gems.