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May 20, 2007 06:09 AM

Where do you go on a weekday when you're too tired to cook (eat in/takeout)?

Hi, we're anticipating our annual trip up there this summer. While we normally enjoy a few spendy meals, this year we're on a budget. I spent a couple hours yesterday scrolling through the past year of posts and I've come up with a shortlist. We'll have a car and an apt with a kitchen, so we're looking for super casual, inexpensive, everyday places for eat in or take out. When we're there, we like to drive to new neighborhoods and just walk around all day, so suggestions anywhere in the city would be welcome (especially Petit Patrie, never been there and it sounds interesting). Here is a bit of my list so far: Portugalia, Ma'am Bolduc (love my poutine); Santropol, Terrasse Lafayette, Laurier BBQ, Frite Alors; Patati Patata; La Chilenita. While we love any kind of ethnic (except Chinese), since we have many ethnic options where we live we try to stick to French/Quebecois food when we're there. I think our one spendy meal will be APDC, can't visit without going there. Any inexpensive (say, $12 - $15 pp and under, without wine) suggestions for lunch or dinner? Cheap BYOs? We are two adults and one child, and I speak French (if that helps). Many thanks.

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  1. Go to Reservoir on Duluth for lunch or dinner. Great inexpensive food.

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      Do you know what hours they serve lunch and dinner (more than just bar snacks)?

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        I love Reservoir, but it can v. easily be closer to $20 pp. Nice beer, though. Romados on Rachel St (portuguese grilled chicken, pork/clams, etc) would be great for a cheap lunch or take out dinner (phone ahead around supper rush hour).

      2. I like Tampopo, which is a cute little restaurant in the Plateau, and it fits your budget. However, it does fall into the ethnic category, so maybe not what you're looking for.

        1. A bit south and east of Petit Patrie and Jean Talon market is an area that I've enjoyed walking around lately for its Latin American restaurants and eclectic residential architecture. You can go have a pupusa (for two places see and other sundry home-cooked meals. I can guarantee cheapness and something different from usual, although it is "ethnic."

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            That is very much in La Petite Patrie - which goes down to the railway tracks - then you are in Le Plateau or Mile-End. I'm not familiar with those two as there are a couple closer to me, in the southern part of Piccola Italia - El Amigo (corner St-Zotique and St-Dominique) and La Carreta (St-Zotique and Drolet). Not expensive either, though I'd say La Carreta is a nicer place to go out for an evening.

            La Petite Patrie/Villeray is pretty much a seamless fit south and north of Jean-Talon, around the market.

            Does your dislike of Chinese extend to Vietnamese? (That's ok, there are cuisines I hate too)... but there is a lot of homey Vietnamese food here, and some is very, very good.

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              Hi there- appreciate the suggestions so far. Good link, too. Lagatta - we love Vietnamese, Korean (especially), sushi, etc. Just not Chinese.