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May 20, 2007 06:06 AM

"Make a well" for the wet ingredients. Does anybody actually do this? Why?

In many recipes for doughs and batters, I see the instruction to 'make a well' in the dry ingredients to pour in the wet ingredients. I can't possibly imagine how this step would benefit the finished product.

Does anybody do it? Is there a reason or are you just following instructions?

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  1. If you are making a dough on your counter it keeps the wet ingredients from running away. If you are working in a bowl it helps keep a wet spot from forming on the bowl surface that could be more difficult to clean.If you are using a big power mixer it doesn't make a bit of difference.

    IMO of course.

    I don't think it affects the finished product.

    1. I do blind obedience to the instructions.

      1. Yes, I do it...It is especially important for muffin, biscuit type mixtures, because it inables you to mix the wet and dry ingredients in a uniform manner, therefore avoiding the overmixing that would occur if you just poured the wet ingredients all over the dry ones...

        1. Yes, of course, for putting together a pasta dough on the counter. Keeps the ingredients together; allows even mixing, and no bowl to wash--just a counter to wipe down.

          1. Other than pasta, which makes sense if you do it on the counter, I think the well allows for minimal mixing by maximizing contact of wet to dry. It only really makes sense if you're mixing by hand and folding. I put this with those types of directions that say, "add 3 cups plus 2 tsp of flour." It probably makes a difference for some but not for the average person.