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May 20, 2007 05:43 AM

Anyone had Chicago-style steak

Has anyone had there stak cooked Chicago-style, i.e., cooked to the desired level and then quickly charred. I'd like to try my next restaurant steak cooked this way, but am curious about how charred the outside is done. I understand near the end of the cooking process the outside of the steak is covered in butter to do the charring.


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  1. Um. I live in Chicago and have never heard the term Chicago style when talking about a steak. You may mean char-crust? That usually involves seasonings similar to blackening. Ruth Chris Steakhouse uses butter on their steaks but they're out of New Orleans originally. Perhaps you could provide a little more information so you'll get the answer you desire

    1. I've never heard of Chicago-style steak. Not sure why you'd cook a steak to the right doneness and then sear it. It seems counterintuitive to me. The only cooking methodology I've hear of regarding the outside would be to order a steak black and blue or Pittsburgh style which means seared on the outside but still rare in the middle.

      1. the way i've heard chicago-style defined is charred on the outside, still quiveringly-rare on the inside.

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          where? when? by who? I've been eating steak in Chicago since the mid 60's and have never heard of anything other than rare, medium rare, medium, medium well....

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            Yes. Exactly. Charred on the outside, very rare on the inside is called Kansas City or black and blue here in Chicago. I wish the OP would post back.

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              Thanks for the insight everyone.
              Charred on the outside, very rare on the inside is Pittsburgh style/ Black and Blue around my neck of the woods. Here in Canada, we have the steak chains "The Keg" and "Hy's" who offer "Chicago-style" i.e. charred on the outside, to order on the inside. For example, you can order a "Chicago-medium" vs a "Chicago-rare". "Chicago-rare" of course woul dbe the same as Pittsburgh style/ Black and Blue around here. Anyone been to Hy's (Vancouvers, Whistler, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg); or The Keg (accross Canada and also Arizona, Colorado Texas, Washington)?