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May 20, 2007 01:03 AM

What happened to Bubble Act (Milpitas)?

I went to the Ranch 99 plaza in Milpitas (Barber Lane) today and noticed that Bubble Act (the boba shop next to Maruichi Ramen) had newspaper covered windows and door! Did it go out of business? Please tell me they are just renovating. Their boba was average but I really loved those hot fresh waffles with choice of filling. I hope they're not gone! Anyone know what happened?

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  1. A friend who knows the owners and who talked to them when they were still open, said they closed to remodel their kitchen. All the egg and mini waffle making will be relocated to the kitchen instead of plain view.

    Ay Chung Noodle, my favorite place in the whole square, has signs posted that they are "closed for kitchen remodeling" which I hope is true... :-/

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      Oh thank you so much!!!! I feel so much better knowing they're just renovating, I really loved those waffles! I hope they re-open soon.

      I've never tried Ay Chung Noodle, hopefully I'll get to try it if they are re-modeling as well! What kind of noodles were they?

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        Ay Chung has a nasty habit of closing up their store after being open for a relatively short period of time. When they did it in Richmond and Rowland Heights, the store never re-opened. And since it's a worldwide chain, it's not like there's a lot of tweaking to do. We'll have to see what happens in Milpitas.

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          The Richmond and Houston TX branches shut down at the same time.

          I really hope Ay Chung stays. Nobody else has come close to Taiwanese style street snacks.

          Thaispice, Ay Chung is actually a fast food theme type store that specializes in a wide variety of Taiwanese style street food/small eats.

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            Wonder if the Houston location closed down because the city outlawed stinky tofu? On the other hand, theirs isn't particularly stinky.

      2. Here's the updated lowdown: according to a friend.

        Bubble Act has re-opened, but it has become a Quickly (tapioca chain).

        Ownership has changed, but management has stayed the same (ditto with numerous menu offerings). They still offer waffles but apparently no eggettes/egg waffles or "egg nuggets" as my friend called it.

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          Was just there today and it seems to be their grand opening day. The owners were still taping up the food menu items (all with pictures). The YanSu chicken (popcorn chicken) is 3.99.
          The space inside is nicely newly decorated and has a larger sitting area than before. Lots of chairs and tables to sit about and enjoy the 3 big plasma screens..

          They were offering Bubble Milk Tea for .59cents (no pearls, add .50c) and Jasmine and Taro flavor Milk Tea for .99c (again, pearl is extra) The offer may be good for several days at least I assume...

          It should take some business away for the Fantasia shop near by which always has long lines out the door during lunch time.