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May 19, 2007 09:25 PM

Best Recs in South Boston?

New to South Boston, but would like recs on good food in the neighborhood....

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  1. Quiet Man Pub on Broadway has great steak tips and old Southie ambience. (Not sure if that's a plus.)
    They have other BBQ and pub fare but I've only had the tips. BTW, there is a restauant space in back if the bar seems a little boisterous.

    1. Amhreins on West Broadway has a relatively new chef, a broad menu and so far pretty good food. Have only had sandwiches from Potbellies on A Street but they were very good and the regular menu has gotten generally good reviews on this board (it is very small though). Porto Bello on East Broadway has good Italian food. We generally like the food at Legal Test Kitchen on Northern Ave but the service has been spotty. Another nice spot with a view on the fishing fleet is the bar at the Seaport Hotel, you can order off the bar or restaurant menu. The No Name on fish pier has good chowder but the rest of the menu is just OK. Have had a couple of lunches at the Dry Dock cafe near the Black Falcon Terminal and the food has been very good (not much atmosphere); they do dinner also.

      1. Besides the other reccos, I would add Cafe Polonia in Andrew's Square for Polish, not far from there but technically in Dot, 224 Boston (the address and restaurant name). Muls, near Broadway T stop and West Side kitchen, near CVS for decent greasy spoon breakfast. Prepare to either leave the hood, or be disapointed for better dining .

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          I used to like the L Street Diner and there was a pretty good fried fish place across the street. haven't been lately. Are those still worthwhile?

          Yankee Lobster for no frills seafood is good..more a market with a few tables than a real sell beer.

          1. re: 9lives

            L street diner-I've been there enough to be disapointed each visit outside of basic breakfast fare. Either try to be a decent diner or a decent pizzeria but don't try to do both half-assed. Are you talking about Kelly's Landing on the other side of the street? I was unimpressed but I admit, I have not tried the fried clams there which do get kudos here from time to time. I try not to be harsh on Southie (I'm a resident), but after being victimized so many times, it's tough. I'm close enough to make the venture to the worthwhile places you usually sing the praises of.

            1. re: Food4Thought

              Not sure if you like burgers and fries and ice cream and such (who doesn't).
              But Sullivan's at Castle Island is a good beachy burger place.
              Great on a nice summery day.
              Cheap and real Southie.
              We used to call it the Irish Riviera.

              1. re: highnoon

                Totally spaced Sullivan's on Castle Island yes, yes yes a great Southie Jewel where you can feed a family for under 20 bucks. Because it is seasonal (and I have not visited yet this year) it fell out of my collective consciousness. Good call! Irish Riviera, I love it.

                1. re: Food4Thought

                  I haven't had L St's breakfast but the last time I had their pizza it was one of the better neighborhood places.(Faint praise, I know.)
                  They used to make a great turkey dinner calzone.
                  The dough wasn't the best (nor is it on their pizza), but it was turkey, gravy,stuffiing and cranberry sauce in a calzone.
                  Now that I think of it you could probably get some mashed taters in there too.
                  Haven't had one in a bit but that might have to be cross-referenced to the Guilty Pleasures thread.

        2. I really enjoy the simple, prepared-with-care red sauce Italian food at Sal's Ristorante on East 8th and L street.

          Cafe Arpeggio on West Broadway (across from the SB Community Health Center) has tasty baked goods and a really nice sandwich called the Arpeggio - it's turkey, muenster cheese, fresh tomato, fresh spinach leaves, and cranberry mayo on a freshly baked, toasted herbed mini-boule bread. Delicious.