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May 19, 2007 08:28 PM

Frisee Salad w/ Lardons and Poached Egg

There was a restaurant called Le Bistro across California Street from Grace Cathedral which served a wonderful frisee salad with lardons and topped by a poached egg. The place closed, and I've not been able to find the salad elsewhere. Can anyone tell me where such a salad can be found?
Thank you for your help.

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  1. If you find yourself in Napa area, Bistro Jeanty in Yountville makes an excellent one.

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    1. re: Sarah

      Except that Jeanty makes a lardon vinaigrette with teensy bits of bacon rather than big pieces of crunchy, salty lardons. Not very satisfying.

      I had an excellent one, the best I've had stateside at Hyde Street Bistro a few years ago. Don't know if it's still on the menu.

    2. Jeanty at Jack's in SF, Nizza la Bella in Albany, Liaison in Berkeley.

      1. At Globe on Pacific@Battery. It's a staple there and it's always good.

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        1. re: rhubarb

          I had a salad like that at Fringale, but that was about a year ago. I believe its a regular on their menu though

          1. re: miag

            Fringale does great job on this classic French bistro dish. It's always on the menu, and always good.

            1. re: Paul H

              Yes, besides Fringale, I think Cafe de la Presse does it too.

        2. AKA Salade Lyonnaise. Agree with Nizza la Bella in Albany, one of the things they do really well, as good as I've had anywhere. Had a decent one at Le Petit Robert (Polk st?) last year sometime.

          1. We always get the one at Nizza la Bella. Excellent lardons!