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May 19, 2007 08:02 PM

I-26 in South Carolina

Will be traveling down I-26 to visit friends in Charleston next week, and expect to be somewhere in the Spartanburg-Columbia area around lunchtime. Any chow worthy places to stop? Any southern-style cooking would be fine, but preferably not too far off the road, as we will be making time. All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. OK, so you'll really not be going into "Columbia". That leaves out some options. If you yearn for BBQ, and it's on a Fri or Sat, eat some crackers and go to Sweatman's near Holly Hill. If it's another day, go to Hudson's Smokehouse on 378 west (exiit from 26 to Charleston - first exit past the turn to Charleston) couple of miles on the right. OR, right off that exit in the other direction is Rush's. Fast food. Good burger. But just a tad farther on the right is Thai Dish. - yeah, I know it's not southern, but it is very good. Across the street from it is Lizard's Thicket. Very southern. Even have a disclaimer that the veggies are cooked with pork fat. They have the only cornbread I will eat with the exception of my infrequent own. Maybe someone willl post about Newberry or Chapin because from Cola you only have and hour and a half or so to go. Get a peanutbutter milkshake from the dairy bar in Spartanburg.

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      If you can get to Sweatman's you'll be pleased. Open only Fri/Sat. I also agree that Hudson's, Thai Dish, and Lizard are good choices. In the same shopping center as Thai Dish is Groucho's. Good sandwiches. Don't be tempted by Maurice Bessinger's BBQ, despite all his billboards. Hudson's is far better and non-political.

    2. If you're going to be around Sparkle City, then you might want to check out Wade's or The Beacon - both are southern classics. In Columbia, Rush's does indeed have good fast food burgers, but IMO nothing can beat Zesto's for burgers, chicken, and of course frozen bananas and hot fudge sundaes.