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May 19, 2007 07:22 PM

Wednesday night North side/Evanston

I am looking for suggestions for dinner this Wednesday night. My preferences are:

*Far north side or Evanston
*Vegetarian friendly (but fish okay too)
*Outdoor seating
*Entrees under $15 average

Any place with Wednesday-night specials (i.e. half-price bottles of wine; prix fixe menu, etc.) welcome too.


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  1. Two options that leap to mind are Heartland Cafe on Lunt, which should satisfy all of your requirements, and Blind Faith in Evanston. I'm not sure if Blind Faith has any outdoor seating though.

    1. How about the Lucky Platter on Main Street in Evanston? There are always veggie and fish options on the menu, and the sweet potato fries are to die for.

      1. Café Suron on Pratt Blvd. (east of Sheridan) has a large selection of tasty Persian/Mediterranean vegetarian small plates and salads mostly priced under $5 (I recommend the Dolmas and the Kashke Bademanjan). I have vegetarian friends who make a meal out of just appetizers, although Café Suron also serves a couple of vegetarian entrées and a half dozen fish entrées ($12-$17) as well. For any meatatarians in the crowd, Suron also grills succulent lamb and beef kebabs (IMHO the best). It is a very attractive space (although it can get noisy when crowded),with friendly and competent service. It is BYOB. While I don't think they offer outdoor seating, the room is very open and garden-like with tall windows all around (which are sometimes open).

        The only drawback is that parking is tough around there (unless you want to park 3 blocks north in the beach parking lot, and walk through the park to Pratt). If you have trouble finding a space, run into the restaurant, and they will park your car for you (or clear a space in the loading zone out front).

        BTW The pier at the end of Pratt Blvd (1 block east) offers a beautiful view of downtown and the lakeshore.