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May 19, 2007 07:15 PM

African any suggestions

Perhaps this has already been covered.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good African (country of origin not an issue) in the city?

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  1. That's a broad question considering the fair number of Ethiopian restaurants in the city. If you do a search on Ethiopian (be sure to spell it correctly) and primarily look for relatively recent results (say, 2006 and 2007), you'll have plenty of answers. If you mean African restaurants that *aren't* Ethiopian, then check these discussions:

    And if it's still around (I thought I saw a review somewhere recently) then check out Sokobolie at 2529 Eighth Avenue up in Harlem.

    And if you're willing to venture further out:

    Less authentically, there's a French-African place in the LES/eastern Chinatown area called Les Enfants Terribles, but the reviews around here don't look all positive. People like the bar (including myself) but I haven't tried the food there and I don't get the impression it's anything really special based on what I've heard, and it definitely looks to lean more on the French side than the African side.

    1. Do a search on Florence up in the bronx if you want to try west african cuisine, most specifically, dishes from Ghana and Cote d'ivore.

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        Florence's in in Harlem, not the Bronx.

        Asking about African food and saying that country of origin is not an issue is like saying the same about "European food."

        There are a whole bunch of Senegalese places in Harlem, but I don't have any specific recommendations. The last Senegalese restaurant I've been to in NY was the defunct Ngone. I'm not a fan of Ethiopian cuisine, so Florence's is my recommendation.

      2. I think you should decide what type of cuisine as they are different. Ghanaian, Nigerian, South African, Ethiopian, Senegalese. You may want to do a quick search. A lot of ppl like the South African restaurant (check the outer boroughs board) and others say Africa Kine on 116th is pretty good. There are quite a few in Harlem but they all aren't the same so you really have to find which suits your taste best.

        1. You all hit on my point. I know African cuisine is diverse. And that’s about all I know. I want to change that hence the post. I want to dive in and am hope for people to simply post their favorites. This way I can start sampling the various cuisines.

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            I like African Kine, which Uptown flavor mentioned. You might want to go to menupages. com and click on the "Harlem" section and check out the menus for places like La Marmite, Zoma, Africa Kine, etc., and see what whets your appetite. I'm sure there are other African restaurants located elsewhere in the city, but I don't think you will get a concentration of so many as close to each other as you would in Harlem.

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              I love African Kine there is another great Ethiopian joint off of Lenox not too far from there.

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                another vote for afrika kine. you should do some exploring in little west africa, there are a bunch of good places on 116th. some have more tribal menus for lunch and more french dishes at dinner.

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                  Speaking of La Marmite, does anyone know if the new location between 133rd and 134th has opened yet? I keep meaning to go by there to check. There is a new restaurant right next door that plays world music called The Shrine. I think the website is something like

                  I also found a list of African restaurants on Blog Soop. You may want to check it out.