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May 19, 2007 06:58 PM

Brunch-Upper West Side

We are staying on Broadway and 77th. Any suggestions for Brunch on Saturday and Sunday?

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  1. Telepan (72 W 69th St) has a great prix-fixe brunch. Try their coddled eggs with scrapple!

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    1. Nice Matin, a French brasserie, is bustling and has a good bread basket.

      The Neptune Room is a little more sedate, but I really like their creme brulee French Toast, and their lobster eggs benedict. They also have good country breakfast. They're one of my favorites.

      On the cutesy-er side you have Good Enough to Eat, which has good biscuits with strawberry butter, and waffles with bacon in them. It's very country. Warning: long lines.

      Also cute but less farmy is Sarabeth's, where the scones are wonderful, as is the lemon ricotta pancakes. Also, long lines.

      Slightly less popular is the Popover Cafe, known for, you guessed it, fresh, hot popovers with strawberry butter. I like their omelets.

      If you want a blast from the past, and some great smoked salmon, go for Barney Greengrass. The decor has not changed in decades.

      Ouest does a nice, prix fixe brunch, too. If you snag a booth in the front, it's one of the quietest brunches on the UWS. Sundays only, I believe.

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        i live in the nabe and both kathryn and kobetobiko touched on all the best places providing perfect descriptions.. some people also like le pain quotidien - communal table with organic choices. many rave about a superb brunch at norma's on w57th in the parker meridien hotel but there's a huge wait. you can hop onto the 1 train and get off at 57th.
        please let us know what you wound up trying.

        1. re: nativeNYer

          I agree with the above, but would also like to add Ocean Grill. It's not a transcendent brunch, but since lines on the UWS can be ridiculously long, I often fall back on Ocean Grill for a decent, solid brunch. I used to live in Tribeca, and I think of it as my local Odeon as far as brunch is concerned.
          A relatively cheap option is the Fairway Cafe but: 1. lots of families with young children, 2. the sevice is laughably disorganized and 3. the ambience is uninspired to say the least. That said, it's cheap and the food is pretty reliable.

      2. Fred's for some traditional breakfast foods. Great heuvos rancheros

        1. I also like Jaques Imos for cajun jazz brunch & good bloody marys