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May 19, 2007 06:03 PM

The Fish House on Sheppard Ave East

Went there for the first time in about 10 years. Still dependable with fish done grilled, broiled, fried, blackened, or cedar plank. Has some pasta and meat dishes to appease everyone. Fresh fish is offered in 6oz and 9oz portions. Clam chowder was okay, mussels in garlic sauce ($8) was good (execpt the dead mussels), crab cake ($11) was great with fair bit of meat - its deep fried but still good, warm seafood salad ($13) was fine, deep fried calamari with a dipping sauce ($8) was good and fresh fish platter ($17; salmon, lake trout and red snapper on this night) was good. Will go back. Its just east of 404 on south side.

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  1. I remember a really good fish house on the seaside in Brooklyn. They were able to deliver really fresh, broiled fish, steaming hot but not overcooked. When I go to Fish House again, that's what I'll be looking for, skip the plank, the blackened, and the deep fried.

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      I do enjoy their chowder, but I've found they over salt their food. I have been three times in the past and both times I've ordered their broiled fish, it has arrived cooked as ordered but so salty it was almost inedible. My dad likes it so I go with him, maybe I should stick with fish and chips, they were alright from what I remember.