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pink berry is it that good?

everyone keeps telling me how great pinkberry is so i decided to try it and it was ok. i paid $7.40 for a large cup of frozen yogurt and don't feel like it was worth it. if i get a small one then i'm not satisfy. some of the toppings are fresh like the strauberries and mango but seriously, i don't think it's all that great.

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    1. like all the other hyped up places in LA...no. it's just a trendy place to wait in a long line for a mediocre snack. but hey, they're opening up all over the place so who am i to judge.

      1. I love it. Love love love it. Totally worth it, to me!

        1. i do like the green tea but its sorta like the cupcake fascination! a little overrated...

          1. There's another thread out there about the fact that Pinkberry's is NOT actually yogurt. It's made from some powdered stuff.

            1. I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did when I finally tried it. I agree that it is expensive, but the fruit is fresh (okay, not like we can't buy our own or anything, right?). Call it an every so often treat (when the line isn't long).

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                Aside from the fresh fruit and the cereal, stay away from all other toppings - they don't taste like what you would hope... and their mochi balls are overrated... those who like them haven't tried real mochi, which doesn't taste like they've been dusted with boric acid...

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                  You're right on about the mochi, the balls have a nasty chemical taste to them. I think one reason people order them is because they are a "secret" menu item, hence the instant popularity. In a misguided attempt to be cool I used to get my double-doubles animal style despite the fact that I hate yellow mustard on a burger. My efforts to obtain street cred were inevitably lost on the adolescents working the drive-thru.

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                    But you've grown into a lean mean (ok not so mean) dining diva... I bet the folks at the Abbot Kinney location are on a first name basis with you already - hope you're getting a long pour from them...

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                      I actually joined Circuit Works next door so I can gaze lovingly at Pinkberry from my spinning bike. Now that's motivation!

                      The Abbot Kinney branch hasn't been all that busy the times I've been there. Certainly no line round the block, but with summer just heating up I'm sure it'll pick up. It's bigger than the Marina branch with more room to sit.

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                        They don't need a line - they have you!

              2. I don't get the popularity of this place. They're expensive. Their product is mediocre and the aura of the place seems elitist. I think the appeal has to do with the assumption that what they sell is healthy, lower in calories and popular with celebrities. Very L.A.

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                  Based on your avatar, you would be the anti-PB. :P~~ Not that it's a bad thing... now I can't get my mind off of Bob's Big Boy...

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                    How funny that you identified the origin of my avatar.

                    It's late and I'm kind of slow but what is :P~~ ?

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                      Look at it sideways... eyes, mouth with tongue hanging out, and... drooling... Your avatar brings back fond memories of a once-classic dessert that is special to folks like me who once ate at Bob's on a weekly basis... or more... The Bob's Big Boy combo, a root beer float, and your avatar for dessert... no problem downing all of that while I was in high school... today, it would kill me!

                2. I agree... they have a great marketing and LA hype. It is expensive, sour frozen yogurt. Oh Humm... go to Penguins if you want toppings.

                  I rather get good Gelato than sour expensive yogurt!

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                    I'm with you on the gelato - waiting for my shot at Bulgarini... maybe the next big thing? Nah... they're too kind...

                  2. I've GOT to disagree. Pinkberry was the only thing that got me though the Bar exams last summer! Sometimes I'd have 2 a day! My personal favorites: (1) plain with strawberries, raspberries, and mochi balls. (2) Green tea with banana and kiwi. Never EVER get the dry toppings no matter how much your kids want to eat cold breakfast cereal. My strategy is after you place your order, ask for a SAMPLE of whatever flavor you didn't order. That flavor becomes like an amuse bouche to prepare the plate for the upcoming delights. My other strategy is that if you get a ball fruit, like a raspberry or a blueberry or a blackberry, have them sit one of those fruit pieces on top of the "crown" of yoghurt. It's just cute that way, and pinkberries are supposed to be enjoyed ironically after all.

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                      I take it back. Cantaloop is much better. I don't know if I'll ever to go Pinkberry again.