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May 19, 2007 04:22 PM

Need recs on these places:Havana Harry, Captain Jim's Seafood, Tap,Tap,Tapas y Tintos, Little Havana and others.Help...

My husband, myself and Mother (she's 100,great traveler, but walks a little slow) will be visiting South Beach in July and have come up with a list that we'd like to try. Now, I'm not saying that we're going to try all of these, but I'd like to know about them. We're staying at the Loews and will have a car. I haven't put the trendy places on this list because we live in Northern New Jersey and we go to Manhattan a lot and eat at those trendy places. We like local, Cuban, Spanish, seafood,jus plain good food. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Some of these restaurants serve breakfast and if you know anything about that meal as well as dinner, let me know. Here they are: Lario's on the Beach - A Bongo's Cuban Cafe (I think this is the restaurant's new name???), David's Cuban Cafe, Havana Harry, Captain Jim's Seafood, Tap, Tap, Tapas y Tintos, Cafe Tu Tu Tango, Little Havana, Casa Paco and Ay Mama Ines. Sorry for such a long list, but I want current reviews. Amy R.

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  1. Check out the recent posts by T Pigeon and Advisor Girl for better advice.

    1. you should know that a bunch of these places are not in south beach.
      Larios is good but you will think it is too expensive if you are looking for just food.
      Davids is about as good as larios and less expensive
      Tap Tap is good have fish and chicken there as mains
      Taps Y Tintos is good