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May 19, 2007 02:54 PM

dinner tonight in east/west village or les

meeting a friend for dinner in any of those locations. looking for a deilcious, but not too expensive meal. must serve alcohol (beer and wine ok). open to anything besides: sushi and mexican. any suggestions?

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  1. If you can go on the earlier side, try 'inoteca. They don't take reservations so there can be a wait. Great wine list and awesome food...not expensive.

    1. If you feel for the west side, I enjoyed High Line (Thai) with a mod setting ask to see the downstairs space below the restaurant. Another suggestion is Pylos (Greek) in the East Village - great appetizers.

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          I concur with the Kuma Inn recommendation. It may also be still byob right now pending renewal of their liquour license. I would call to check and make a reservation as well. I highly recommend the chinese sausage with thai chili vinaigrette. Menu is all asian (filipino - thai - french) tapas portion but good for two per serving.

        2. re: EVLyonnaise

          Second Pylos. Aps, grilled fish. Note, it can be lively and noisy. Lavagna in EV has a prix fixe.

        3. If you like mussels and fries, try Cafe De Brussels on Greenwich Avenue.

          1. For a fund sceney place I like Otto (you can sit at the bar)
            For a quiet neighborhood spot, Marqutte (12th between University and 5th) has delish food, wine and beer, and is a nice homey spot.

            1. The original comment has been removed