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May 19, 2007 02:26 PM

Crabmeat Ideas

I picked up a 16-oz refriegerated can of pasurized lump crabmeat and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. Crab cakes come to mind, as does some kind of crab-based soup like a crab-corn chowder.

What else would you suggest before I go to the old familiar?

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  1. How about a breakfast/brunch type dish: Eggs benedict, but substitute the crabmeat for the bacon or a quiche, egg strata or frittata.

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      One of my favorite brunch dishes is eggs benedict where instead of the ham/bacon you sub a small crabcake. Place it on a toasted english muffin, topit with a poached egg, and drizzled some jalapeno hollandaise. MMmmm.

      I made a crab alfredo recently that was good. Your basic alfredo with some red bell pepper, extra garlic, and cayenne.

    2. Google Asian crab cakes to get a different slant.......
      I have also made crab over pasta, the sauce is olive oil, garlic small can of tomatos. Just add the crab last so in doesn't break up too much:)

      1. I had the same dilemma a few weeks ago. There've been a few good posts on crab ideas, and I tried a Crab Gratin, which was OK, but in my mind, nothing beats a great crabcake. Emeril has a phenomenal Crab and Shrimp bisque recipe, but it's a several-hour commitment. Here's my crabcake recipe, which i usually serve with nothing more than greens with a light balsamic vinaigrette:

        Crabcakes for Two by Lynne

        8 oz crabmeat
        1/3 c. corn
        1/4 c. very finely diced onion
        1/4 c. very finely diced bell pepper
        1/2 c. homemade mayonnaise (makes the dish! i use New Basics recipe)
        1 egg, lightly beaten
        1/4 c. breadcrumbs
        1 tbsp. olive oil
        1 tbsp. butter
        1/4 tsp. mustard seeds
        hearty dash cayenne

        Saute vegetables in a little oil until soft; cool slightly. Toss vegetables with crab gently with your fingers.

        In another bowl, combine mayo, spices, S&P to taste (usually a generous 1/2 tsp each); add to crab mixture.

        Gently fold in egg and breadcrumbs. With wet hands, form mixture into 4 even, thick patties. Gently coat each patty in additional breadcrumbs, S&P.

        Refrigerate for 30 mins to 24 hours. Fry patties in OO and butter over med. heat, about 3 mins/side.

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        1. re: ennyl

          Hushpuppies with minced crab added in.

          1. re: ennyl

            ennyl (lynne) - I made your crabcakes tonight. Thank you. they were great. I didn't have the time to make homemade mayo (and I get that it would have made a difference) so I used Hellmans. Also used whole wheat panko breadcrumbs which made them very crispy.

            Thanks again.

            1. re: chicgail

              i'm so glad you liked my crabcakes and any suggestions for improvements are welcome...i will try to panko crumbs next time!

              Here is the link for the Emeril recipe I mentioned:

              I remembered that I altered this to include crab--sorry to anyone who tried to find it. I use half shrimp and half crab, skip the boulettes--it's labor-intensive but worth it! (Also pretty healthy as Emeril recipes go!)

            2. re: ennyl

              Lynne, my opp to say thanks too! I sub'd djon mustard for the mayo and omitted the mustard seeds. Hubby loved it!

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. Crab Soup
                1 tablespoon oil
                1 chunk of ginger (about the size of a thumbnail), crushed
                5-6 shiitake mushrooms, cut into strips
                1 16-oz can julienned bamboo shoots
                6 scallions, minced (or cut into threads 3" long)
                2 tablespoons soy sauce
                6 cups fish broth, chicken broth, or water
                16 oz fresh crab meat
                1 block silken tofu, broken
                1 egg, beaten
                salt, white pepper, msg to taste

                Heat a big wok or soup pot over high heat. Add oil, then add the next four ingredients and stirfry until fragrant about 1 minute. Add the soy sauce and stir to mix thoroughly. Add the stock, and bring to a boil. Add the crab meat, and bring to a boil again, skimming any scum that may form. Add the tofu, and when the broth returns to a boil, drizzle the beaten egg into the soup to 'flower'. Balance seasonings with salt, pepper, and a pinch of msg (optional, of course). Mix cornstarch with some water and add to soup, stirring while it thickens. Serve.

                Sometimes I garnish this with sprigs of cilantro (or provide minced cilantro as a side topping), and it works great to toss in some leftover rice, too.

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                1. re: ricepad

                  Thanks, ricepad. Really nice light alternative to a chowder or bisque. This one is a keeper. I didn't have baboo shoots so I used mung bean sprouts and didn't bother with the corstarch thickener.

                  1. re: chicgail

                    You're welcome...glad you liked it. The recipe is pretty tolerant of a lot of additions. Shredded napa cabbage or bok choy add some body and round out the veggie component, and pea pods work well, too. My kids really like water chestnuts so I usually toss a can of those in if I have 'em.

                    1. re: ricepad

                      What I really liked about the recipe is how fast and easily it was throw together, how tasty it was and how thick it was with veggies and protein. I had thought of using nappa as an option. This one's going to be a keeper. Thanks again.