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May 19, 2007 02:06 PM

Where to buy guava preserves or puree anywhere in Los Angeles?

Not looking for guava jelly or jam...just guava preserves or puree. Bristol Farms only has the jam. I checked all of the following stores but they **do not** have any guava product:
Trader Joes
Whole Foods
I have heard it might be found at Cuban, Puerto Rican, or South American markets. Does anyone know of any such markets (preferably large) anywhere in the Los Angeles area? I'm in Glendale but will drive anywhere for it. Thanks much.

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  1. Try El Cubano Food Bag -- there's one on Victory and Tujunga in North Hollywood. If not, maybe Vallarta Supermarkets? If worse comes to absolute worst, you can get guava preserves and guava syrup at Hilo Hattie's at the Block at Orange... but wow, expensive.

    1. Golden Farms on San Fernando Rd. just east of Western in Glendale has guava puree in the freezer section. I also buy the passion fruit and mango puree there. You might also try the Vallarta supermarkets, but if you are in Glendale, then this is the spot.

      1. i KNOW i just saw guava paste (not plain puree, it did have added sugar) somewhere recently, and can't remember where! i thought maybe it was at surfas, but since you said they don't have it, maybe it was erewhon on beverly...? give them a call, they're usually really helpful.

        1. one more suggestion...if you don't need it immediately, buy it online and have it shipped to you.

          one of my favorite sources, especially for hard-to-find ingredients, is kalustyan's, an incredible market in new york city. their entire inventory is available online, and i know they carry a bunch of guava products...

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            final dawned on me last night that i may have seen it at 'cost plus world market.' some of their locations carry a random and somewhat extensive selection of ethnic ingredients.

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              There are now guava rolls at Trader Joes

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                Thanks for all the suggestions! Golden Farms had lots of frozen purees but not guava. But I did find tons of varieties of guava paste (and guava marmalade and even whole guava in sugar syrup in a can) at El Canonazo in Atwater Village.

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                  for the record, it turns out that a couple of us were may have just gone to trader joe's too prematurely. they now carry guava paste rolls so you can re-stock there if you need to!

          2. In a totally off-topic aside, we've become addicted to the guava-cheese struedel at Porto's, the Cuban bakery. Just couldn't help mentioning them 'cuz they're so delicious.

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              AlohaAnna was right as well. I went back to Golden Farms recently and this time they did indeed have frozen guava puree!