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May 19, 2007 01:44 PM

disappointing fried chicken at blue ribbon bakery

i've been obsessed with the fried chicken at blue ribbon since having it two weeks ago. so imagine my disapointment when i ordered it at BR bakery last night and it was nowhere near as good. the BR version had a unique sweetness that i can't stop thinking about, while the bakery's version was bland and overcooked (great collards though).

am i crazy? or was the original not as good as i remember?

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  1. There are changes afoot at the Bakery. I fear the Brombergs are putting their attention to the new place in Hell's Kitchen and the bar across from the Bakery. My last visit there, the server was totally inept. He appeared to have forgotten to fire our main courses, as they took forever to arrive after our apps. He also juggled our table with another even more cluless server. I didn't recognize either. Maybe they are hiring new staff that can't do the job. I think they have the B or C team on at the Bakery and stuff seems to be going downhill.