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May 19, 2007 01:33 PM

9th Ave Festival 2007


Just came back from the disappointing 9th Ave Festival. I know it's not the most chowish place, but I really expected more. We had raw clams around 40th Street that were pretty good. That was the highlight. It went downhill from there. I'm not sure if it was the weather, but there were many empty slots. In addition to the usual mozzarepas, sausage stands, etc. you did have Posiedon Bakery, the Indonesian restaurant, Amy's Bread and Mitchel London. But I think the standard street fare and sock/bra stands outnumbered the restaurant stands. In addition to our clams, this is what we had:

Nutella crepe -- DH really was craving for one -- it actually turned out to be the 2nd best thing we had today
Alcapurria -- OK, cold until you got to the center
"Cuban" empanada (Empanada Mama) -- filled with sofrito and pork; 3rd best thing we've had today
"Viagra" empanada (Empanada Mama) -- filled with scallops, shrimp and imitation crab meat in a fluorescent yellow sauce; pretty bland and tasteless
Mitchel London -- mini burger (very cold) and a mini cupcake (cake was moist but icing was too sugary); Mitchel London had one of the best displays there -- all the food was lying out, but that's why the burger was stone cold
Thai steamed dumplings -- kind of lukewarm and lifeless
Millie's Pierogies -- just unappealing; no care into the dish

I was really disappointed this year. It has been getting worse over the years. I think this is the year that will not make me go back next year. I think we would have been happier if we just had a meal in a restaurant. We like to eat the small things at these festivals because we don't have huge appetites and want to try as much as we can. Unfortunately, we weren't able to try the bigger items like the jerk chicken, etc. Perhaps those dishes taste better.

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  1. Thanks for your accurate summary. The people who run this event need to improve it, less socks more food. I had the jambalaya at Delta Grill, OK. I enjoyed the lamb skewer from Nicks, my husband wasn't as enthusiastic. He had a chicken stick at another booth and liked it better. We enjoyed our desserts from Mitchel London. He had apple strudel and I had carrot cake.

    1. I was also disappointed. This used to a very good event. Sadly, it has gone far down hill. Its supposed to feature INTERNATIONAL FOOD and CULTURE. Sadly, it has morphed into just a repetitive run of the mill street fair. I bought a fruit juice and greasy/salty empanada and left after 25 minutes. I recall spending all day BOTH days there in the past. Well, at least my diet is still in tact.

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        i also went to this years festival-yesterday and did notice the changes. yes i agree-more food,less socks and $2 jewelry is a good idea. Perhaps the sponsors should consider having a professional company run it. But almost everyone my gf and i ate was quite good to very good,and the chlorizos and paella i had from costa del sol was outstanding. Im glad i passed on mitchell london and the empanadas but do want to try the jerk chicken-perhaps next year.