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May 19, 2007 01:22 PM

Looking for Vietnamese herbs

Hi, I just moved to the area from Cleveland, OH.

In Cleveland I was able to find the gamut of Vietnamese herbs at Dong Du'ong on Lorain Avenue, where a shipment of rau ram, rau om, hung luoi, hung cai, tia to, vap ca and everything else arrived every Wednesday.

Where should I go in Chicago for these necessities? Is there a best store and / or a best day?
I'm specially interested in rau ram, rau om and the two mints.

Sincerely yours, exop

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  1. I highly recommend the following retailers:

    Hoa Nam
    1101-3 W. Argyle

    Viet Hoa
    1051 W. Argyle

    Tai Nam
    4925 N. Broadway