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May 19, 2007 01:18 PM

Vegetarian in Charlotte

My friend, with whom I often dine out, has become a vegetarian. (Sigh.) Any ideas on where this otherwise adventurous diner and I could both be happy? I don't mind veggie dining, but there has to be flavor. Also, I notice that in many locations, there is only one vegetarian selection on the menu. We need more options. THX!

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  1. Indian restaurants usually have good selections. In Charlotte, I would recommend Bombay Grille, Bombay Cuisine or Woodlands (which is all veggie). Thai food might be another option.

    1. Check out Carpe Diem on Elizabeth. They have a few vegetarian entrees, but their daily specials always include at least one vegetarian option. The decor inside is wonderful and service is always excellent. My only complaint is that the menu rarely (if ever) changes....

      For the non-vegetarian, try the pork - it's stunning.