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Where can i buy cranberries in manhattan?

  • Dandel May 19, 2007 12:35 PM
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I am looking to make cranberry lemongrass sauce with pork chops; a recipe i saw on Ming Tsai's show. I got all the ingredients,lemograss and all, and then realised that I can't find cranberries anywhere. Anyone have any idea where in manhattan I can buy them?
thanks a lot

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  1. It will be near impossible to find fresh cranberries, as they aren't in season. Can you substitute frozen or dried? Those are widely available.

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      unfortunately, the recipe calles for fresh cranberries

    2. You can definetely find them at Fareway Supermarkets in Harlem. I am not sure in the one on the upper west side. I actually saw them this past wednesday. They also have the dry variety.

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      1. re: asg749d

        thanks vm for the information!

      2. The produce store in Chelsea Market stocks most everything that is available fresh in season. However, if fresh cranberries are not in season you may have a lot of trouble finding decent fresh cranberries. According to Ocean Spray (www.oceanspray.com) frozen cranberries are a good substitute for fresh cranberries.

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          Absolutely - I stock up during November/December and put a couple of bags in the freezer to use during the year, since they can be hard to find - as you have discovered.

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            frozen cranberries sound like the way to go. thanks so much for the tip!