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May 19, 2007 12:35 PM

Where can i buy cranberries in manhattan?

I am looking to make cranberry lemongrass sauce with pork chops; a recipe i saw on Ming Tsai's show. I got all the ingredients,lemograss and all, and then realised that I can't find cranberries anywhere. Anyone have any idea where in manhattan I can buy them?
thanks a lot

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  1. It will be near impossible to find fresh cranberries, as they aren't in season. Can you substitute frozen or dried? Those are widely available.

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    1. re: nixienox

      unfortunately, the recipe calles for fresh cranberries

    2. You can definetely find them at Fareway Supermarkets in Harlem. I am not sure in the one on the upper west side. I actually saw them this past wednesday. They also have the dry variety.

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      1. The produce store in Chelsea Market stocks most everything that is available fresh in season. However, if fresh cranberries are not in season you may have a lot of trouble finding decent fresh cranberries. According to Ocean Spray ( frozen cranberries are a good substitute for fresh cranberries.

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          Absolutely - I stock up during November/December and put a couple of bags in the freezer to use during the year, since they can be hard to find - as you have discovered.

          1. re: MMRuth

            frozen cranberries sound like the way to go. thanks so much for the tip!