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May 19, 2007 12:07 PM

Yellow Springs, OH

Just got back from a day trip to Yellow Springs. If you've never been and you live within a few hours, you should go. It's a great little town, very progressive. There's a lot of new age and "reactionary liberal" sort of stuff, but it's also a very free-feeling place and possibly the most racially integrated community of any size I've ever seen. There's also great nature with Clifton Gorge/John Bryan State Park and Glen Helen nearby. Anyway, on to the food.

I had lunch at the Winds and got "la Boqueria," which is garbanzos and red peppers in a very richly flavored stew, with rice and a hard-boiled egg. It comes with a romesco sauce, which was delicious. On the whole, however, it could have been better. Some of the garbanzos were undercooked, and the egg -- which was quartered -- had some very unsightly green around the yolk. Too bad, because the egg really was good. The highlight for me was seeing Dave Chappelle nip in for something, which he then ate in his car out front. Pretty funny. The service was very pleasant and professional, if somewhat novice.

For dinner I went to Sunrise Cafe, up the street. I got a Thai-style tofu & broccoli in peanut sauce, that was very good. The broccoli was perfectly done, and the sauce was just right. The service here was both professional and almost unbelievably friendly, and not in a cloying way. They even let me bring in a big bottle of Three Floyd's Dreadnaught IPA, which I found at Emporium down the street (and it's apparently a very difficult beer to find), for no extra charge. I highly recommend Sunrise. Not quite the variety and refinement of the Winds (although not too far off), but at least as good an experience. (Incidentally, the Dreadnaught was well made, but too sweet and a little hoppy for my taste.)

I stopped into Ye Olde Trail Tavern and, although I didn't get food there, it looked like good bar food made with farmers market-type ingredients. Nice little place. Lastly, I popped into Peach's, which I expected to be kind of a cheeseball place based on the name, but it was very nice inside. Lots of tap beers, but I can't comment on the food.

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  1. Love the Wind, I have never had anything approaching a disappointing meal there. I don't know the nam of the little cafe with all the bears in their decor, but I had the best pancakes of my life there.

    1. Last Tuesday, there was a wine dinner advertised at the Winds with Steve Edmunds, winemaker of Edmunds St John wines. The dinner actually ended up being upstairs of the wine shop (also named the Winds, but I thought the wine shop and the restaurant were no longer owned by the same people?) At any rate, the food was excellent, as were the 6 different ESJ wines poured. First course was local asparagus with a lemon hazelnut dressing on fresh local lettuce leaves. Next was a Provencal fish soup that was to die for, with the ESJ Tablas Creek Rousanne. Everything was great, especially the wine and Steve's music later (he borrowed a guitar from Eric Jerardi and played guitar, harmonica, and sang. Quite the Renaissance Man...

      1. SUNRISE! WINDS! TRAILS! all good choices, glad to hear they are still good. we'll be there sometime this summer for sure. i love yellow springs.

        next time try some HAHA PIZZA. and you can hit nearby YOUNGS DAIRY or brunch at CLIFTON MILL too (great in winter around the holidays when its all lit up).