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Moving to Greenpoint. Recs???

Title says it. i am moving to Greenpoint and am not completely familiar with the area. I was wondering what are the highlights of the neighbourhood, what are the better delivery places and which are the good butchers, fish mongers etc..

Any advice is appreciated. I enjoy virtually every cuisine.

Thanks in advance

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  1. hi there. I just recently wrote about the restaurant Queens Hideaway. If I lived in Greenpoint, I'd be there a lot, I'm sure!

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      oh my god! i had no idea i went on for that long!

    2. do search for polish butchers in greenpoint. you'll unearth more information and recommendations than you'll know what to do with. to get you started, the places people talk about most often are w-nassau, steve's, polam, and sikorski. if you're a fan of pork/sausage, you'll be in (hog) heaven.
      the garden has a pretty decent cheese selection and is the place for organic stuff, but if i'm buying fresh produce in the neighborhood then i usually go to sun hee farm on manhattan near gpt avenue. poland farms, across the street, is basically the same store. both places are cheap, basic greengrocers with high turnover. nothing fancy or exceptional, but you'll usually get a bargain. for general grocery shopping, the c-town on is my pick although i usually only shop for dry goods and household stuff there. further down manhattan, there's a great small mexican shop if you're looking for authentic ingredients. fresh fish i tend to buy in the city, since i work near the greenmarket. i haven't found a place locally to buy from, although i believe there is at least one place on nassau.
      as far as restaurants go, there are obviously tons of polish places. some of our favorites: polska restaurajca (on gpt), damis (on manhattan; their pan-fried whole trout is sublime), lomzynianka, and old poland bakery (on nassau; looks like a castle). i don't like christina's.
      in the non-polish division, our standby for both delivery and dining in is pio pio riko. it's an off-shoot of a popular sunnyside peruvian and has delicious, cheap pollo a la brasa and many tasty fried seafood dishes. chinese musician is probably the best for chinese takeout, but shanghai lee seems pretty well thought of. i've yet to try it. a taqueria called toluca la bella opened fairly recently on manhattan (next to the bodega i mentioned), and it looks quite promising. casa mon amour (on franklin) is a quiet dominican place with a very sweet owner, and it turns out good, filling meals such as pernil, fried chicken, oxtail, etc. i love their homemade hot sauce. queen's hideaway, mentioned below, has garnered much praise for their upscale twist on southern comfort food but our one meal there was disappointing. still, it's probably worth a visit. as for japanese, sapporo haru is okay if you eat in but sloppy with delivery. othewise, this is a cuisine that you'll do best with outside of the area. likewise with indian - the only local place (which was disgusting) closed recently.
      on to beverages! i like the coffee at brooklyn label, which also has a pretty good yuppie weekend brunch. franklin coffee house likewise has a good brew, but their food is terrible though the space is beautiful. the best in the area is cafe grumpy, on meserole and diamond. a coffee freak's dream. as for alcohol, the mark bar on manhattan is as good of a local as you could wish for and enid's near mccarren park is also decent. their brunch is very popular, but i don't think it's anything to write home about. there are a ton of old-school polish bars, but i'm not sure how welcoming the reception would be for you. for better or for worse, the community is very insular.
      gosh... i'm sure i could i ramble on at even greater length, but i'll stop here. enjoy the neighborhood, and post your questions and finds!

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        i can't believe i forgot jubilatka bakery on manhattan. they're my favorite source for multilayered polish torty. very friendly service in addition to the beautiful cakes, which is a big plus.

      2. I recently tried Peter Pan Donuts, on Manhattan. The chocolate cake donut is outstanding. Also had a chocolate cream, also very good, surprisingly fresh for 7 in the evening. Wish this was in my neighborhood.

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          that's another one i forgot. their donuts are some of the best in the city.

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            Thanks for the detailed post. I look foward to exploring a new neighb

        2. On weekends there's a woman that sells tamales out of a cooler in front of the laundromat at Manhattan Ave and Huron St - I'm no tamale expert, but I enjoy hers immensely!

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            Second this. They're really quite good, as is the warm arroz con leche drink in the winter.

          2. wleatherette nailed pretty much everything. I would only add that the Key Food at McGuinness and Greenpoint is surprisingly good, and that Syrena Bakery at Norman and Humboldt has the most delicious Polish pastries, great Rye bread and quite delicious bagels.

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              i almost went back and added key to my huge list. surprisingly good is a good way to put it. they have a small selection of irish products, for some reason, and the full line of sam smith's beer.

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                oh yes, I forgot to say (and some are likely to quibble with me), but Amarin Thai at Nassau and Manhattan has very reliable and nonadventurous Thai food. I am known to get pad see ew in a pinch and when they deliver it's early shatteringly fast.

              2. wleatherette was really thorough! And I absolutely second the recommendation for Jubilatka, the big sheet cakes are sold by the pound and they're the best in the area. I like the Szarlotka (apple cake) and cheese cake (it's more Italian style - cake-ier and ricotta-based - than NY style - creamier, cream cheese base), and the babkas are the best in 'hood.

                I'd only add that if you're looking for a decent watering hole, I quite like Matchless, across the street from Enid's on Driggs and Manhattan. And if you want a more detailed review of some of the Polish butchers in the area take a look at my "Best Kielbasa in Greenpoint" thread. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/349663

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                  Wleatherette covered most of it, I will add Mazur for Polish deli and meat, Green Acres Farm next door as Solina Bread that is very decent. They are a lot of fun bars, Jack O'Neills is the newest pub and is lovely with the added bonus of a backyar, Coco 66 is lively and younger, Pencil Factory is a good place to meet the locals, Mark bar has a pool table and very local crowd as well. Palomo makes a decent burger, Queen's hideway had been reviewed to the hilt, Greenpoint coffee house has lost its touch but is lovely for coffee only, Brooklyn Label has an amazing brunch but long lines so come early, Casa Mon Amour has the best Pernil and it is quiet and friendly, Corner Place makes wonderful sandwiches and you should absolutely investigate all the Polish restaurants until you find one to your liking. The minus point is Seafood, impossible to buy decent stuff in Greenpoint. I go to the Metropolitan Fish Market in Williamsburgh or bring it back from Chinatown. Welcome to Greenpoing.

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                    mazur is solid. it's a good fallback place, since the lines at w-nassau and polam are often out the door at peak times.

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                      great recs everyone! i'll just add that the polish soups are excellent, and after sampling a ton in the neighborhood, my favorites are the tomato and mushroom soups at antek (norman just off manhattan), and everything at basia on nassau is excellent. the tomato soup at antek has little spaetze type things in it that i could eat every day, and pretty much do.

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                        that's funny, that's the way my mother makes soup (tomato, mushroom, chicken, whatever). it's kind of like an egg drop, except with flour. she beats up flour and egg until it's combined but runny and pours a small stream into bubbling soup stirring all the while at the end of cooking. the finer the stream, the runnier the batter, the smaller the little dumplings.

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                        This thread may be too old to get a response to such a tangential question -- but can anyone provide more detail on the Metropolitan Fish Mkt in Wmsburg? I live very nearby but have always been leery of trying it.

                        (Love the nearby butchershop [Mario and Sons] owned by the Fish mkt owner's father -- but I had a very bad fish mkt experience ten years ago in the east village that may have scarred me for life.)

                        The greenmarkets at McCarren and Union Sq are where we mostly buy seafood, but it would be great to hear that the mkt on Metro had a consistently fresh selection...

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                          i've been meaning to check it out but have yet to do so. people on this board have spoken highly of it in the past. if you're nearby, just pop your head in to see what's what. hopefully you won't have a bad experience this time around.

                          1. re: wleatherette

                            I've been there twice for shirmp, and if "just pop your head in to see what's what" you will be floored by the fish stench. Now I know that fish markets teld to be on the smelly side, but after the last time is was so bad that I dont go there anymore. If they cant keep the area that customers see clean, what about the areas you can't see. But that is my personal opinion. I encourage everyone to check it out and form their own.

                    2. I think I saw someone mention Franklin Corner Store, but I'm giving it its own reply, since the sandwiches really are very, very good. We're partial to the Ely, a bagel with lox, cream cheese, red onion and guacamole.

                      The Mark Bar, as people have mentioned, has a very loyal local crowd and is a great place for beer. They usually have at least 8 beers on tap, and none of the taps are domestic mass market (eg. bud, coors). They have a decent happy hour.

                      Is New Tulcingo Restaraunt still there? Nothing to write home about, but cheap quick eats. And the grill man knew his way around a fried egg.

                      OH! Casanova on McGuinness for pizza-- the grandma slice is good. The pasta fagiole was pretty good, too. On weekdays, Frank & Son for hero sandwiches.

                      FYI, a longish walk over the Pulaski bridge will take you to Long Island City, by the way. We used to like the silly little bar next to the police station-- the one whose back door lets out into the precinct parking lot.

                      If you work in Manhattan (Midtown and thereabouts) you can commute via the Vernon/Jackson stop on the #7 train, or take the B61 bus to Court square and catch the E/V. Much more sensible than sardining onto the L at Lorimer or Bedford.

                      1. Here's another thread that has good info on Greenpoint


                        1. Hey I would like to thank everyone for their recs and would like to post what i have liked and disliked so far since i have been here for over a month.


                          Cafe Acapulco-fantastic breakfast burrito made with vegetables and topped with fresh crema. Plus they serve it with a tomatillo salsa and very crispy potatoes. Very nice.

                          Casa mon amor-good dominacan breakfast, there sandwiches and pernil are also very good.

                          Lomyzianka-great everything. Their borscht is phenomenal. Also of all the polish places i have tried they have the best bigos.

                          Kings hideaway-good for not so traditional Polish food, i enjoyed the trout with yogurt sauce.

                          The garden and surprisingly ctown and key food all have good selections with the Garden obviously being the best. not only that but the beer selections in the Delis and Bodegas around here far surpasses that of almost all of Manhattan. happy times.

                          The Mark Bar-great local bar with a wonderful rotating tap selection.

                          Franklin coffee shop-make a mean cup and a good bowl of oatmeal.

                          Cafe Boagacito-good coffee and agua frescas, mediocre arepas, good sandwiches.

                          The Polish Women of the neighbourhood. I swear to god my head is going to explode there are so many good looking women here. How do I say I love you in Polish?

                          Things that re just ok-

                          Triangolo pizza-decent slice

                          Chinese Musician-decent stuff, nothing I had was bad but nothing has knocked my socks off.

                          Pio Pio Riko-the Domincan places in the Bx and washington heights make much better chicken.

                          OTT-how can i explain it, i'll take it frame by frame. Mediocre thai
                          Amarin-better than the above but not spectacular. they did make it Thai spicy for me.

                          The only place that sucked was the Japanese place across from Amarin. I got delivery, terrible sushi. Also i dint care for the place on manhattan with the spanish name thats really a diner.

                          I am sure there is more that i am missing that i have tried but i have to get back to work. I will post more findings here, thanks again

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                            ha! whenever i pass OTT, that song always runs through my head.

                            thanks for reporting back. i'm going to add jack o'neil, the pub that recently opened on franklin a few doors down from the pencil factory, to my list of recommendations. they have a very nice back garden and old speckled hen on tap. i've only been there for afternoon drinks thus far, but i'm liking it.

                            1. re: wleatherette

                              I am always looking for new back garden spots, thanks. I like Champion cafe on manhattan , they have a great garden.

                              What restaurants have good gardens?

                              1. re: MVNYC

                                Dumont has a good garden, technically Williamsburg but close enough to fudge the line.

                                1. re: ballulah

                                  dumont is also pretty damn delicious. shame that i'm usually too impatient to wait for a table!

                                  1. re: wleatherette

                                    i had the most AMAZING meal there last week! one of the best i've had in a long long while. and yup, we waited over an hour for the table, but we were a large group (10+) of drinkers and smokers who enjoyed the outside bar tremendously. when we were finally seated the staff was SO NICE. i didn't mind the wait in the least bit, but it was a good time for lingering.

                          2. Does anyone have the number for Jack O'Neill's--I was trying to see if it's still open before I head out there and information has nothing. Thanks!

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                              have you heard that it might be closing already?

                            2. I would add Saporro Haru to the list. A little japanese place that is is consistently good (not amazing). Their greenpoint roll and tuna tar tar is just yum. And the best waitress with the most spunk in greenpoint.

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                                Lomzynianka is my God. Domis for fish though.

                                1. re: JFores

                                  the trout fried with garlic butter at damis is probably one of the best meals in the neighborhood!

                              2. There's a coffee shop in Greenpoint called Cafe Grumpy that serves the best coffee in New York. (It's been written up in NYTimes). The cafe has also opened a branch in Chelsea. This is the quintessential place for coffee nerds, with single farm origin coffee beans and roast dates printed on every bag of beans for sale.

                                1. A good beer bar opened called the Diamond. It is on Frankly by Calyer. Great tap selection as well as about 30 or so bottled offerings. Plus a shuffleboard. Cool place.

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                                  1. re: MVNYC

                                    i LOVE the sprecher black bavarian. bar itself was nice and mellow in the early evening, but had degenerated into kind of a singles pick-up scene by the time we left.

                                    1. re: wleatherette

                                      ugh. we went there tonight.. the beer selection was nice, but the crowd kind of cheesy (like an early 20s post-college crowd), and I wasn't too big a fan of the decor -- it felt like IKEA with the can lighting and turquoise walls. afterwards we went to jack o'neills to check it out. equally as bad! shoulda gone to the pencil factory or coco 66, or even better, the crystal palace.

                                      1. re: chompchomp

                                        i still have to try coco 66. i love the mark bar so much that it's hard for me to break old habits.