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May 19, 2007 11:18 AM

Vietnamese around Lovers/Inwood?

I'm looking for good vietnamese relatively close to inwood and lovers. The only one I know about is Green Papaya. I've never been there because I shy away from mixed cuisine restaurants and ethnic joints that seem very image conscious.

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  1. Then I won't recommend East Wind. ;-)

    I'm not familiar with anyplace near Inwood/Lovers, but if you're willing to travel a bit south there's:

    1) Vietnam Restaurant (very authentic and one of my current favorites in Dallas) on Bryan @ Peak. They also have an excellent lunch buffet that is a bit more americanized, but still quite good. They are also BYOB for dinner, which is an added bonus. For a real treat, order the Lotus salad.

    2) Oishii on Wycliff @ the tollway. Small Vietnamese section on the menu, but excellent Pho and good quality vermicelli bowls. They also serve sushi and Chinese.

    3) Mai's. Also on Bryan. I won't personally recommend since my last few experiences there were pretty bad. Some people really seem to like and recommend them, but I suspect that might have been when Mai's was owned by someone else....

    And of course, if you're willing to travel to Garland, Don't miss Bistro B, or really any of the other MANY Vietnamese restaurants on Walnut St.

    1. Unless its opened in the last month, Lovers/Inwood has no Vietnamese options. The closest is either Green Papaya or twoo other places that I can't remember the names for. GP is good - always. A bit cramped and crowded, but still one of my favorites. One of the others is next door to Sal's Pizza on Wycliff between the Tollroad and Maple. Very busy and getting more so. Then there is a small hole-in-the-wall place in the strip with the IHOP on Mockingbird just east of Harry Hines. Excellent food, but a limited menu. If you don't know the neighborhood, a word of warning if you are entertaining someone - its flanked by massage parlors.

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        I know what you mean by "image conscious" and we were very skeptical of Green Papaya (or any uptown restaurants for that matter), but the food wasn't bad when we ate there more than a year ago. The prices are higher than the Vietnamese restaurants in Garland, of course. We wouldn't drive to GP all the way from Richardson, but if we're in the area, we might go back.