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May 19, 2007 11:15 AM

Oregon Coast

We are going to be down on the Oregon Coast staying in Manzanita for Memorial Day Weekend. I'd like to find some good places to eat down there. Any recommendations?

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  1. Nehalem River Inn: - close to Manazanita (10-15 minute drive) and the best dinner in the area. Top notch ingredients (local wehenever possible), fabulous chef and great service - worth every penny.

    Ecola Seafood in Cannon Beach is good for casual seafood - fried stuff, shrimp and crab cocktails, salmon burgers, fries, and fresh fish and seafood to go.

    Pacific Oyster: - is the restaurant in front of an oyster processing facility on a pier off of 101. Great fresh oysters (on the shell, shooters), oyster stew, oyster burgers - and you can watch them shuck and pack oysters through windows in the back. It's about 30 min. drive south down 101 from Manzanita.

    Not much decent in Manzanita proper except for Bread and Ocean which is on Laneda. It's a bakery with coffee, sandwiches, salads and soup - open for breakfast and lunch and only on certain days.

    1. We enjoyed both the quality of food and service at the Bistro in Cannon Beach. Food was interesting, well presented and of fair value. The quiche dish was quite good. We didn't try the desserts.
      Wanda's in Nehelem for breakfast can be very good or very poor depending on variables that we still can't ascertain. Last week we had the worst breakfast ever there and other tables were also complaining. The staffs' response was that there are other places to eat and they'd heard the complaints before.....
      There's a fish and chips dive out on the docks of Garibaldi that we would never have entered, but they were said to be good by other chowhounders so we gave 'em a try. Excellent fish and chips for a good price. Real spuds used for the chips, local fish used as well. Excellent price, but the usual tacky exterior. (Sorry, I can't remember their name.)

      1. Oh, you poor dears. Manzanita's main advantage, as near as we could tell, was that it was on the coast highway, which leads to lots of great food.
        Seaside - The Stand for fantastic Mexican. Mostly lunch-ish but good anytime you can get it.
        La Providencia taco-truck between Best Western and downtown Tillamook offered what we believed to be the best food in Tillamook. Good luck there, otherwise, finding to much as a cheesepuff.
        Astoria has Fulio's (very fun Italian), and ??Astoria Coffee Co??, a nice light place to have coffee and a scone. For a kick, drive way scary out to Cofee girl at the end of the pier. A neat trick - free wi-fi and coffee at the end of the working pier.
        Drina Daisy was the only Serbian place we've ever seen, but it was closed.
        Oregon Cast Aquarium is much greater than you will expect and has a Rogue Brewery outlet.
        Newport has Sharks - a stunning reprieve from tourist-trap deep-fried fish. The food is prepared in some miraculous way of attention, steam, and skill that presents flavors and textures very well. We had fabulous Cioppino and a "pan-fry" (sic) stew to die for.
        They say Newport has one of the few thriving fishing cultures that remain on the coast and Sharks is taking full advantage of this.
        have fun

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          Sharks is fabulous-funky little place with wonderful seafood and great service! I have not had a bad meal there.

        2. Sounds good. Definitely intersted in trying out some Oregon oysters.

          1. I recommend a darling little place in Wheeler called the Treasure Cafe/Restaurant. It's only 5 minutes from Manzanita and across the street from the Wheeler post office.The place is small & quaint-and reservations are best to secure a seat.The food in my opinion is the best on the Pacific NW coast. The chef uses the freshest ingredients available of the NW and puts his twist with other ethnic dishes on the menu. And you have to try his version of a Crab Cake. It's not a cake but a Tower of Crab with absolutely no filler. The food was fantastic and price was worth it. A+++++++++++++++++

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              The Treasure Cafe is only open Thurs.-Sun. for dinner from 6pm-9pm and only "in season." I don't know when they open for the season, try calling 503-368-7740 (they have no website). If they are open, leave a message to get a reservation as the place is tiny. We had a great breakfast there a couple of years ago when they were still doing breakfast, but we haven't been able to catch them open for dinner yet (last time we had reservations they cancelled on us due to a sickness in the family). Though we haven't been there for dinner yet, I bet that it's damn good, because the breakfast we had there was the best we have ever had at the coast (oyster benedict with the freshest oysters and the best hollandaise we had ever had anywhere).

              We have also had mixed results with Wanda's. I find it best to stick with eggs/ham/toast there. Your best bet for breakfast is to cook it yourself if your accommodations allow for that, or have coffee and pastries from Bread and Ocean. Save your money for dinners at Nehalem River Inn and Treasure Cafe (and gas, which is expensive at the coast). ;o)

              Another good oyster lunch (or dinner) can be had at the Whiskey Creek Cafe on the the Three Capes Loop in Netarts (google map the address: 6060 Whiskey Creek Rd, Tillamook, OR to find it). Great oyster burgers, good fries, and about a dozen good choices of homemade pie. It's about a 45-60 minute drive from Manzanita but it is worth it, and you can stop at Cape Meares on the way down ( to see the lighthouse and the octopus tree, and stop in Tillamook on the way back to visit the cheese factory.

              We have had many a lousy dinner in Cannon Beach at many places including The Bistro, Stephanie Inn and Newman's 988 and an OK but not thrilling dinner at Gower St. Bistro. We like the Wayfarer in Cannon Beach for lunch (the crab melt and the spinach/smoked cheddar/apple/grilled chicken are winners there - and the view of Haystack Rock is amazing) but not so much for dinner.