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May 19, 2007 10:44 AM

Squash Blossoms

I just got back from the farmers' market where I scored some squash blossoms. I plan to fry them, but have never tried stuffing them. I also picked up some cheddar and feta cheeses. Can I stuff them with Feta, you think? Any other thoughts?

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  1. Don't forget to remove the interior pistel. It doesn't taste good and you often find bugs hiding. I also prefer the female flowers and if you have them, split the mini zucchini in half.

    I mix fresh ricotta, bit of egg yolk, a bit of parmesan, mashed anchovy, and finely chopped parsley and mint. Make a beer-based tempura and fry! I like them served with a bit of spicy tomato sauce.

    Feta would probably work fine.

    1. I like them stuffed w/ mozzarella and herbs. If you only have cheddar and feta, I would opt for cheddar.
      Remove the pistel (I cut w/ a small knife), rinse quickly and let dry on towels.
      For batter, I make Marcella's pastella: 1 c. water, gradually whisking in 2/3 c. flour to the consistency of sour cream.
      IMHO stuffed zucchini blossoms are the best reason to grow zucchini at home (since they're so bountiful everyone will give you the zucchini). And those clever Italians -- I grow an Italian style -- Cocozelle -- that bears alot of male blossoms (hence the developed recipes for male zucchini blossoms!) What a treat!

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        cheddar strikes me as an odd pairing. i think feta could work, but best is mozzarella and ricotta and DEFINITELY the anchovy. yum.

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          Yeah, cheddar dos certainly sound odd, but I thought I'd add that I had some just in case someone had been successfully inventive at some point.

      2. Open the blossom out, dip in crepe batter, put face down in a crepe pan and quickly add batter, flip with blossom incorportated in crepe; fill with the soft pre-warmed cheese (and anchovy?).

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          I had them once at Il Capriccio in Waltham, they were heavenly.

          They stuffed with a Ricotta mixture, deep fried, and drizzled honey over them.