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May 19, 2007 09:17 AM

Where is Sal Chris & Charlie's?

Looking for the Italian deli, someone said they have great sandwiches.

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  1. it's on 23rd avenue in astoria. been a few years since i've been there -- since an ex-girlfriend lived up there -- but i think it's around 35th (maybe 34th?) streets. it's definitely worth seeking out if it's anything like it was back then. get both hot and sweet peppers on yr hero!

    1. It's on 23rd Ave. between 33rd St. & 35th St. (there is no 34th St. here). Very near the big railroad bridge (which you can't miss). Their heros are indeed great, with high quality meat, cheese, and bread. Get the Italian special, or "the bomb". And maybe a ball of mozzarella from the counter too.

      Open until 3 or so, and, unlike a lot of places, they're open on Sundays.

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        OK I went today and was a bit confused. Very friendly staff, small place and mobbed with firemen from the firehouse up the block. I saw the Bomb and a bunch of salads on the wall like egg, shrimp, chicken, tuna...... These were the only heros I saw that were displayed on the wall. Is this the type of place where you just make up your own. I would like to know what people recommend from here. There must be some standouts. The Bomb indeed sounded like it had 10 ingredients and weighed a couple of pounds. Passed on that but would like to go with the tried and true heros. Heard alot of orders for roast beef n swiss and turkey n swiss. Pretty basic stuff.

        1. re: fcara

          It's an old style deli where you can order whatever you want. I pretty much always order the Italian, or sometimes just prosciutto with motz and some sweet peppers. The difference here is not in the fancy types of heroes, but in the ingredients and the bread (and, oh, those peppers...).

          1. re: Woodside Al

            Thanx Al you are a fountain of information that keeps on flowin. Any combos in particular besides the ones mentioned? Its been so long in ordering my own hero that Im perplexed by the infinite choices. Ive been spoiled by malba, and Joey d's where they do the thinking for you. LOL

            1. re: fcara

              Do you guys have any other recs for deli's in Astoria besides Sal Chris & Charlie's...? Above is says Sals is open until 3.. AM? Thank you!

              1. re: buzzard83

                Yes, the bread and peppers at Sal, Kris and Charlies are awesome. I am a medium sized woman with medium appetites and I still manage to put away the Italian bomb because it just tastes so-o-o good. However, it will monkey with your insides for a day or two at least.

                If you want variety, Buon Appetit on Ditmars somewhere around 36th Street has a huge list of creative hero combinations. Sometimes, they taste like a little less than the sum of their parts, but often, they are very good. Also, if you are friendly with the owner, he'll give you samples from the prepared foods case. Unfortunately the hours are not quite as accomodating as S,K andC -- I think they close at 7 and they are closed all day Sunday.

                1. re: melon

                  Actually, Sal, Kris and Charlie's IS open on Sunday. Don't know how late b/c I usually pick up a hero before kickoff during the football season.

                2. re: buzzard83

                  You can't go wrong with Sorriso, 30th ave and 44th street. It's open every day till about 6pm and Sundays till about 2pm.