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May 19, 2007 09:10 AM

Ristorante Luci?

Has anyone been recently? Is it any good? Any tips on what to order and what to avoid?

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  1. Its excellent - haven't been in almost 3 months.

    They have a tasting menu that the chef puts together. But you can also create your own tasting menu as well.

    Spag. Cabonora (carbonora) is a must.

    I've never had anything bad there. Service is nice and a decent wine list. Had a mid priced Italian Red last time & it was a La Mera or La something?

    Its a very enjoyable place. Have Fun!

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    1. Is this the place near st kates that used to be "the Club" dive bar with the $.25 beer wednesdays?

      If so, My friends rave about the food and the nice intimate setting. I've never been, but I trust these friend's tastes.

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        Not sure -- RL has been in the same spot since I first heard of it 16 years ago. The setting is usually described as "looks like it used to be an American Legion Hall" and not in a good way. Is that what they meant by intimate?

        But the food is rave-worthy.

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          EDIT: Yes, Ristorante Luci (the one on the Northeast side of the street, on Cleveland a few doors up from Randolph and across from St. Kate's) used to be a bar. It still has the Pabst Blue Ribbon sign out front. The standalone location, Luci Ancora, is on the southwest corner. That location, which is the one I've been to, is a very nice setting--not fancy, just light and airy.