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May 19, 2007 08:27 AM

Need recs quick, lunch near Chelsea Hotel

Hi, I'm meeting a friend from out of town and we need to dine near the Chelsea Hotel. Just about any cuisine, mid-priced, and a nice place to chat and catch up. I'm thinking of Le Zie because I've never been and have read good things about it on this board, but any other suggestions?? Thanks much!

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  1. Le Zie is good. Also in that area is the new Markt which has great Belgian food and a nice decor.

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      Thanks for recommending Markt, which I otherwise would not have known about. It was perfect for our get together, and I enjoyed trying one of the Belgium beers on their long list of beers and ales. Just a tad pricey ($65 for brunch for 2), but it had just the right environment - thank you!