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May 19, 2007 08:01 AM

Whidbey Island

My husband and myself will be on Whidbey Island in Langley over memorial weekend. Any ideas for a romantic dinner? I'm partial to Italian but my husband really enjoys authentic Asian cuisine. Also, any inexpensive lunch spots suggestions, sandwich or pizza spots etc, would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I visited Whidbey Island recently, and it's not really a haven for dining (we ended up cooking for ourselves most of the time), but I do reccomend going to Penn Cove and having some fresh mussles from the adjacent restaurants. Also, at Whidbey Island Pies, I had the most perfect slice of apple pie in recent memory. (More info here:

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      Greenbank Farm is a great, inexpensive lunch spot! You must have your mussels at Toby's Tavern, in Coupeville!

    2. Spent a couple nights on Whidbey Island last summer. For lunch try Cafe Langley or Village Pizzeria in Langley, both were good. Was not impressed with Toby's in Coupeville, it was interesting to hang with the locals at the bar but the service was very slow and the food unmemorable.

      1. do search on my handle(bighound)and read my post on the blue goose inn and my wedding anniversary meal. you can thank me later.

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          The Inn at Langley has a great multi-course prix fixe dinner which we greatly enjoyed a few years ago . . . neither asian or italian, but good NW fare. The restaurant which took over for the Star Bistro in Langley (above the Star store) served us a great lunch about a year ago (mussels for both of us + a nice white wine). I'd say (and I haven't read bighound's post) that be prepared for casual (except Inn @ Langley) and you'll be satisfied. We also like Cafe Langley, have always had good lunches there.

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            The Oystercatcher in Coupeville is wonderful. Really great pan roasted chicken and excellent rack of lamb. We also like the mussels and fries at Toby's.

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              Oystercatcher, definitely. We had the mussels at Toby's but they weren't nearly as good as the ones in Langley at a little bistro upstairs whose name I unfortunately can't remember. It was french inspired...Right across from the place where everyone stands & gets their picture taken ;-)

        2. I didn't catch this early enough but Gordon's in Freeland is absolutely wonderful. Romantic, tasty and make sure to have dessert, they do some amazing things with fruit!