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May 19, 2007 07:36 AM

Croissants- South End Buttery

Stopped in to try their crossaints and was assaulted by way too much butter (didn't know such a thing exsited!) and too much salt. It tasted like salted butter was used, and there were little beads of butter on the bottom. I prefer my crossaints to be flaky, made with sweet unsalted butter, and not so greasy that I still have a lingering taste of grease in my mouth. These weren't even close to my favorites when I lived in Paris.

To their credit, they did give me two instead of one in my order, as the server said that they were on the small side that day. I'm pretty sure they were fresh, as I stopped in around 9AM on a Friday morning.

Any other recommendations instead of crossaints there? I found their hot chocolate well made and most importantly, hot! The sandwiches sound interesting too.

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  1. I agree about the croissants - I didn't think a croissant could have too much butter, but I think theirs do. They also gave me two on the day that I went in - same explanation.

    What really disappointed me was their Caesar salad. When I went to order it, they just pulled out a pre-made salad when I thought it would be made to order - which wouldn't be so bad - but, it consisted of about three large leaves of Boston lettuce, croutons which tasted like they were made from raisin bread (not my thing at all), hunks of parmesan that were too big, and some kind of caper vinaigrette that wasn't too bad. The only thing remotely Caesar-like were the white anchovies, which I liked. In fact, the anchovies were half the reason I went for the Caesar - it's so hard to get anchovies on a Caesar salad anymore. In fact, I think it's hard to get a decent Caesar at all. So I thought the anchovies were a good sign.

    Anyway, I found it disappointing at $7.25. Had a pretty decent latte though.

    1. Do they have any desserts there now that Lee Napoli has moved there?

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        Are you sure that is where Lee Napoli has moved? I would find that somewhat surprising. I think it's best to think of South End Buttery as a good place to get coffee or other hot drinks, maybe a bagel or a muffin. I don't think of them as a true bakery; certainly not in the same category as Flour or Canto 6. I can't speak for their sandwiches; I remember going in there once, looking at their lunch menu, and finding the prices kinda steep for what they were offering. Again, not really a place I'd think of to grab a sandwich.

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          Interesting: I've heard that Marissa Iocco is consulting on the new dinner menu that the Buttery intends to do here if their expansion plans (taking over the adjacent storefont) are approved. Lee and Marissa have worked together before at least once, at Bricco.

        2. I had a really delicious egg 'n' cheese on a biscuit awhile back; was actually just thinking about walking down there to have it again (but it was really raining when I got the idea...) The biscuit was perfectly flaky and generous. I'd go for that, if I weren't walking over to Flour...

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            Mmm. The Buttery's egg and cheese on a biscuit, and carrot cake cupcakes are very yummy.

            For croissants, I enjoy the ones at Clear Flour. (I've tried both their chocolate and gruyere). Is it worth the trip out to Canto 6?

            1. re: splendido

              IMO, C6 is definitely worth the trip for the croissants. The Gruyère ones are particularly good. Flaky and rich without being over-buttery. Plus, it's only a 5min walk from the Green St orange line T stop.

          2. Try Iggy's croissant at their bakery in Cambridge. Better than most croissants in France and very authentic.

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            1. re: joebelt

              "Better than most croissants in France..."

              Wow, joebelt, you've been on an Iggy's posting streak lately! I like Iggy's well enough, but at least for me, even my limited experiences in France would rather solidly refute this. I also think Iggy's would be only second tier in Montreal. Certainly good, but I would disagree with the world class assertions.

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                I lived most of my life in France (close to 30 years actually) and I do believe that their croissants are world class. Many friends and family from France have also approved of their quality.

                If you know any good places for authentic French croissants in Montreal, please let me know. I have never found any on my various trips up North. Thanks.

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                  Croissants in Montreal should be discussed on the Quebec board. Please help us keep this board focused on chow in Boston. Thanks!

            2. The original comment has been removed