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May 19, 2007 07:25 AM

Help! Need easy prep, easy to eat foods for funeral reception


Hi, I need some easy ideas for finger foods/one bite/not too messy eats for a funeral reception. Refrigeration and/or keeping things hot not a problem. Any and all replies appreciated. Tried and true foods from the 50s and 60s and 70s would be perfect, you know, the things that people kind of grew up with. Thanks for your help, you hounds are the best!

  1. how about some mini deli sandwiches

    1. tiny meatballs.

      love the mini sandwiches idea. in addition to deli meats and cheeses you could make ham salad, egg, chicken, tuna, shrimp salads, cream cheese fillings (like cream cheese, green olive & walnut mixed together or smoked salmon)...

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        Here's the menu I did when I hosted the post funeral lunch a few years back.
        Shrimp with cocktail sauce. Bought frozen, cooked & peeled. Defrosted in fridge.
        Spiral sliced ham, served with mini rolls that could be used for sandwiches.
        Scalloped potatoes (partially cooked in advance, and finished just before serving).
        Green salad tossed with vinaigrette -- used bagged spring greens, fresh vinaigrette.
        Also some finger food sized crudites - carrot sticks, celery, red peppers & black olives.
        Cheese and crackers.
        I don't recall that I planned any deserts but as I recall a few guests brought, cookies, etc.

        1. re: masha

          This is a great menu. I was going to suggest ham and scalloped potatoes, too. I would add a cooked vegetable, too, like green beans or corn.
          The creaminess of the scalloped potatoes shouts "comfort."
          Brownies would be good for dessert, along with a yellow or white sheet cake.

          1. re: wyogal

            I just saw the "finger foods" part.... oops.
            Then nice ham and cheese sandwiches, with veggies, brownies, cookies.

      2. Sorry for your loss Jaq-
        I have mini quiches stuck in my head for some reason. You know, the kind you do in muffin tins? Easy and good warm or cold. Cheese plate, meat plate with rolls, cold salads (pasta, potato) etc.
        Hope this helps.

        1. Sorry for your loss.
          I was also going to suggest the mini sandwiches; just saw the little bread up at the grocery store last night. Also, if you have a Costco or BJ's Wholesale, they make those frozen appetizers which only take a few minutes to cook. You can get a huge box of them. And, if you don't have time to cook, Costco has big shrimp rings with sauce., ready to go. They also have all kinds of roll up sandwiches, already sliced up. The price is pretty good, as well. And, I went to a funeral reception where they had all these trays from Chic-fil-a, which were actually really good. The above suggestions in case you don't have the desire or energy to cook, and just want to pick up ready made items.

          1. The original comment has been removed