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May 19, 2007 07:22 AM

Help with Aug food itinerary please!

First trip to NYC this August and here is my plan. Giving a rough idea of where we will be each day to help figure if my (mainly) dinner ideas seem good. It's me (not into spicy at all), husband (eats everything) and 15 year old daughter (picky pescatarian).

Mon- get in noon ish, try to check in Times Sq hotel--walk- grab a slice? for lunch--dinner--db Bistro Moderne if were not real tired, Juniors or walk over to 9th if we are less into a nice dinner (yes, Ill have a ressie just in case at db).

Tues--breakfast Red Flame--dowtown walkaround- lunch either at Bridge Cafe (under the Brooklyn Bridge?) or Joes Shanghai---dinner--EMP

Weds--breakfast Rachels, then do Central Park--lunch?? walking around 5th ave etc shopping--dinner possibly Sushi Yasuda--might be near the UN

Thu--Clinton St Baking--LES that morn, Nolita all shopping--lunch early at Balthazar. more shopping, dinner--El Posto

Fri--breakfast at Normas--leave...

The days we do what are fairly set, the food all less so.. From the boards EMP and Balthazar seem like must dos. El Posto is my Batali-ish choice. Have to keep the daughter in mind...


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm not sure about db Bistro Moderne. It was ok, but nothing great. If you do go, request a table in the front room. I found the back room claustrophobic and kind of fern bar-ish. How about the bar room at The Modern instead?

    2. What about hitting one of NY's celebrity chefs places for a more affordable than dinner - prix fixe lunch. If you choose to do this on Wednesday...I would try Jean Georges, $20 for 3 courses. Make reservations ahead of time. Its at 1 Central Park West in the Trump Hotel. After lunch just a short walk across town to hit your 5th Avenue sites. Bouley has a much fancier and food coma inducing lunch (if choosing the 4 course).

      Another suggestions (although this is a been there did that place for most of us New Yorkers)... I like to take out of towners to Katz's in the wee hours when its hopping. don't lose your ticket.

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        Thanks, the lunch idea is a good one--if we have a nice lunch dont need to obsess so much about dinner. Tho if we land at Sushi Yasuda that night- I dont think its "fancy", just will probably run alot of money...

      2. I have never heard of some of the places on your list. Where's Red Flame and what kind of breakfast do they serve? Ditto on Rachel's.

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          Both are mid town breakfast/not fancy but pretty well rated (from menupages) places I found by searching around here and then the menupages site... I'm relying on those 2 sources really for food ideas. Since our hotel is mid town (Times Square) I dont want to eat breakfast at the hotel daily- so was trying to find some area places pretty cheap but with decent food.... Not interested in a bagel thing- being from Chicago its not that special for us (or anyway, were not huge bagel people)...

            1. re: aviva1

              My advice on menupages:

              Use menupages for addresses, phone numbers, and menus (not all complete or up to date) only. Do not pay any attention to reviews or ratings on menupages.

          1. You might want to opt for one or two lighter breakfasts. Amy's bread on 9th Avenue in the upper 40s makes excellent coffee and bakes on premises. Sometimes a cup of coffee and a really good muffin make for a better start to the day.

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              Ok lots of good points, thanks... will scratch Rachels for obvious reasons...Amys is a good idea. One thing thats hard is getting an idea of walking distances---ie if we will be at 6th/46th--9th sounds very close---with so much to see in so short a time, dont want to miscalculate and end up spending more time walking for food than planned.