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May 19, 2007 06:27 AM

JKWB for brunch??

I've just noticed that JKWB has started to do brunch on a Sunday, any two dishes from brunch menu for $20.
I know people either love or hate this place and I am a big fan. Has anyone tried the brunch yet?

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  1. We went to JK Wine Bar for Mother's Day brunch, and it was wonderful. The two-dish concept is terrific, and it was executed beautifully. You're not faced with two competely different dishes on one plate - they bring each dish separately. The service was stellar, as well. Tobey Nemeth was "manning" her kitchen, so it's not as if this is overseen by lesser chefs because it's a Sunday thing. And there's enough choice available that even my picky 15-year-old was delighted with her meal.

    Here's the menu: (which is slightly different from when we were there).

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        Thanks. Fixed! Don't know where that came from!