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May 19, 2007 06:16 AM

Taco Omana's Uncommon $1.00 Asada Tacos

Here is a rec for true asada taco lovers only. This taco is for those of you who have tried all the common recs on this Board and are still looking for something different. This is an uncommon asada taco for $1.00. So try one and if you don’t like it -- no big loss. If you do like it, well then you have found a place that you will be visiting to get your fix. First, you must not get all freaked out by the parking lot or the Hole-in-the-Wall walk-up window that this place is at the rear of a food market. This rec is about the taco only – not ambiance. I would add that it must be eaten there, no driving around with this taco. What makes this taco so good is also what makes it impossible to transport it further than the tables in front, or to your car seat, before you eat it – the sauce. More specifically, the amount of sauce and how it is applied. The corn tortilla is almost saturated with the sauce and therefore does not travel well. The sauce is a simple thin red tomato sauce with chili. At first you may not taste the chili but after two or three of these tacos you will notice it – for sure! The asada is also different and IMO when combined with the sauce it becomes one of those wonderful things in life.

Taco Omana's ($1 Tacos, Asada)
10300 Rush Street (East of Rosemead Blvd. -- West of Santa Anita Ave.)
South El Monte, CA 91733
( 626 ) 350 - 1197

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  1. Does the food market have a name?

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    1. re: MaryT

      Rush Super Market
      1950 Central Ave
      South El Monte, CA 91733
      (626) 350-2177

      This strange because the two share the same building yet their addresses are on different streets. Anyway, it is at the corner of Rush and Central. Exit the 60 at Santa Anita Ave. Go North to Central and turn left. Continue around the curve until you reach Rush. Taco Omana's will be on the Right at the intersection of Central and Rush.

      1. re: JeetJet

        I have taken many friends to Omana's and they all have taken their friends. It is just different. I should also mention that a second stop on the tour is Tito's for a beef empanada ($1.10). To get to Tito's go North on Central several blocks until you Reach Garvey Ave. Then turn left and Tito's will be about two blocks on the left side -- big pink sign -- Tito's Plaza. The market is in the rear. The stuff at Tito's does travel well.

        Tito’s Market (Argentina style subs with jalapeno, beef empanadas, chicken wings)
        9814 Garvey Ave. (At the rear of Tito?s plaza, yes Tito?s subs built this whole mall)
        El Monte, CA 91733
        (626) 579-1893

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      1. Yo, JeetJet

        I know it’s late, almost three years since your OP, but I owe you a big THANK YOU! Went to Omana’s in Pomona yesterday and picked up 10 tacos for $10.25! They were the bomb! Real, old school style tacos. I had the asada ($1.25), cabeza, chicharron (guisado) and tripas. Man, were they good; some of the best cabeza and tripas ever - perfection. The asada was quite tasty too, but I’ve never been an asada fan. Give me the organ meats, the offal. The chicharron was a bit over-the-top spicy for me but, nonetheless, delicious as well. I may go back within the hour to sample more, including the buche and pescado. They were that good.

        I should mention that the tacos came expertly wrapped in wax paper then in foil and placed in a tightly closed brown paper bag. They traveled exceptionally well and were still nearly too hot to eat after a 20 minute drive.

        BTW, the Pomona location looks just like the El Monte one, albeit a bit smaller, with the same uh, “ambience”. Humble but heavenly!

        1050 West Holt Avenue
        Pomona, CA 91768-3475
        (909) 620-6790 (not working)