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May 18, 2007 11:06 PM

Calgary Mango Shiva?

Now that Penny Lane Mall is shut down, does anyone know if Mango Shiva has relocated or closed down for good? I walked by but didn't see any notice on the door.

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  1. i heard they are taking the DQ spot on 8th Ave

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    1. re: criticalcritic

      Yep, DQ is closed and renos are taking place as we speak.

      1. re: John Manzo

        Sorry, the "DQ spot"? Where exactly? Anyone know when they're re-opening?

        1. re: ChrisA

          On Stephen Avenue Mall next to The Bay.

    2. Sorry to leave you all in the dark. Its just that the way things are at city hall we haven't been able to put up hoarding announcing our opening at 218 8th ave ( u all heard right ...the old DQ on Stephen next to the Bay and across Flames Central. We were hoping to be open by now but again in Calgary all timelines are thrown by the wayside. Renos are started and look to see us late fall. We are really excited by the space, design , and new menu that will feature a more communal concept. If there is stuff you really liked about our last place or didn't like, let us know through a post on here. If you got a great idea for our new space let us know, we would love to hear it. In the mean time if you see us working at the space feel free to poke your head in and say hi and look around. We look forward to seeing you soon. Kam Dhillon

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      1. re: mangoshiva

        I can't wait until you reopen. I really miss the atlantic char.

        1. re: mangoshiva

          Any updates on when MS will reopen?

          1. re: mangoshiva

            I really liked the Saturday lunch buffet and was sorry when it shut down.

            1. re: mangoshiva

              The chicken vindaloo was the dish that kept me coming back to the old place at Penny Lane. Mango Shiva was probably our favourite place for a curry. We've tried lots of places all over Calgary and had plenty of disapointments, but MS was always a great experience. I loved the fair price, open-kitchen concept and the portion size and idea of the curry bowls. I never left feeling felt like I'd paid over the odds and the food was always consistent and - most importantly - delicious! Can't wait to try the new place. Good luck with the opening!

              1. re: greenboy

                I hope that the new location and renovations don't blow the budget. MS was on my short list of places in Calgary where I really felt I was getting good value. The old location had a perfect balance of good food, unpretentuous but cool staff, and pricepoints that fit my student budget. Given the level of interest here, I'm sure there will be a review of the new space within hours of it's opening. I'll be looking forward to that.

              2. re: mangoshiva

                Keep all lamb dishes - there was one with this sauce - ro die for - a curry i am guessing - served with special mashed potatoes with spinach?? it was last year so i can't remember the details. The lamb was on the bones, not cubes - 3 or 4 pieces - about $27(which was alot but soooo tasty!). The appetizers were amazing as well - especially the curried fried squid. WOW! Keep it all and just add new stuff! :)

              3. Walking by today I noticed a big sign in front saying that they will reopen early spring 2008. Can't wait!

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                1. re: Zydeco_Mama

                  That hoarding makes it look like a fairly major construction project! Should be a huge change from what is there now.

                2. According to this article it opens in late march, also some falafel king news...


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                  1. re: crigg

                    I just hope they don't go all fine dining and start jacking up the prices due to the location. One thing that made it so good was the value.

                    1. re: greenboy

                      I never go downtown. Has Mango Shiva reopened? If so, how's the menu?

                      1. re: ChrisA

                        Not even close. :-(

                        If I had to hazard a guess I'd say late summer but I'm not a carpenter and these things can surprise us, but to my untrained eye it looks a LONG way from opening.

                        1. re: John Manzo

                          So, I guess the big sign declaring they're "opening early Spring 2008" has been taken down?

                          Is there still some indication it'll actually be Mango Shiva? Over a year and counting for renovations suggests there may be some serious problems.

                          1. re: ChrisA

                            sign is still there. very slow going, I see no indication or reason to believe it won't open as mango shiva, but when is anybody's guess.

                            1. re: John Manzo

                              There is an ad in this week's FFWD (page 16) looking for front of house staff with a little note in the corner "Opening July-ish".
                              So sooner rather than later.