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May 18, 2007 10:05 PM


I'm flying into Charlotte airport on a Saturday night. I get in around 5:30 p.m. and will be heading south to Columbia. Are there any good BBQ places near the airport or along my route? Thanks in advance from a San Diego chowhound.

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  1. EB's BBQ isn't too far from Charlotte, in Indian Trail.

    Closed Sunday and Monday, though, according to their website.

    1. Try Bill Spoons' on South Blvd. Very good eastern NC style bbq.

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      1. re: goodeatsinadive

        EB's would take a while in all that traffic to drive to. I've been their and it is good, but I agree Bill Spoons is very good, not to far from the airport, and is eastern NC style which is hard to find in the Charlotte area.

        1. re: Stack8

          Bill Spoon's closes at 3:00ish though. Mac's isn't exactly on the way but not too far a diversion.

        2. re: goodeatsinadive

          Bill Spoon's is only open for lunch, M-F.

        3. I second the recomendation for Mac's. Not the traditiona NC BBQ atmosphere, but great 'que.

          1. Skip Charlotte BBQ all together and repost this for recs in Columbia. You can read the Charlotte recs thread for some Mac's reviews which are mixed, but it definitely is not NC BBQ

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            1. re: jlwnc

              I know the Columbia BBQ scene pretty well. But most of the places will be closed by the time I can get there. I was hoping for something near CLT. Mac's looks promising.

              1. re: Bob Foster

                Mac's was great. Noisy and crowded on a Saturday evening around 7pm. Got a seat at the bar. Had the pulled pork dinner. The pork was awesome, the sauce very tangy. The onion rings light and fresh, the house chili was good. Thanks for the tip, Southern Chowhounds. It was just what I needed. Now on to Columbia!

                1. re: Bob Foster

                  Went back for lunch on my way to the airport. The ribs were a bit chewy, even though the menu says they were smoked for at least 8 hours. Stick with the pulled pork and the rings!