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May 18, 2007 10:01 PM

Doc's BBQ in Columbia, S.C.

I've seen a couple of mentions of Doc's BBQ in Columbia, S.C. out by the stadium. Can any Chowhound provide details and a review? (Can anyone compare it to Farm Boys up in Chapin?)

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  1. Have never been to farm boys, but I've been to Doc's a number of times, and it is fantastic. Their lunch buffet I think is around 8 dollars with a drink. They always have two types of bbq--mustard and vinegar. I'm not a mustard fan (and my mom's from O'burg county! the horrors!), but I can tell you the vinegar bbq is the best you're going to get outside of NC (just barely edging out Bo-B-Q--that place on Knox Abbot). Also have fried chicken and catfish daily. I can personally attest that the fried chicken is divine. Don't eat seafood, but my coworkers love the catfish. Sides are trad. southern fare--all very good, but the best is the Chocolate Dessert they have. Its served hot, cakier than a browny, but gushy in some places--well, its delicious, whatever it is. Yum.

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      Sounds super. I'll be there in late June. Thanks for the review. By the way, Farm Boys up in Chapin is well worth the drive.

    2. They also have pieces of bacon in thier potato salad, very tasty