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May 18, 2007 09:38 PM

Tacoma Bistro preview

Sofia Bistro just opened 2 weeks ago in University Place on 27th and it's an auspicious beginning. Since it's so new I've only been there once, but it impressed with food (especially) but also decor and service. It's a small place, that has been a wine bar in a previous incarnation. It's food could be described as New American, though that doesn't tell us much except for using good raw materials well and not having a special theme, such as Italian. I had a salmon cake, a wonderful cheese plate (including Humboldt Fog), and a delicious potato/bacon soup. The wine list seems to be intelligently designed and reasonably priced. Everything I had was good or great, but now for the necessary cavil section: the bread seemed kind of heavy, and if memory serves there was only 1 Oregon pinot on the wine list. Wine glasses were good but not Reidels. I encourage other people to support this worthy local effort, and to post their views as well. The closest restaurant I know to this in Tacoma is Il Fiasco, but I thought Sofia Bistro did a better job in meeting its culinary goals.

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  1. CRC, Thanks for the head's up, we'll check it out. I also suggest visiting St. Helens Cafe (right where St. Helens meets S. Tacoma Avenue). Great homemade Fish & Chips (not the frozen Sysco dreck).

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      I will have to try that. Was back at Sofia Bistro tonight and had a yummy shrimp-and-artichoke rigatonia dish. Very lighly sauced but very yummy. Nice to get an Albarino to go with it, too!

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        Since then my partner was there twice when I was out of town plus I've been back once. The kitchen continues to perform excellently, the bread is better, and they continue to do good specials (e.g., steelhead). There are now about 3 Oregon pinots. There's a bit too much California wine on the menu for my taste, but that's true of most restaurants in America, by my taste. The cheeses on the cheese plate change, but have continued to be well ripened.