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May 18, 2007 08:42 PM

Favorite LA Dishes

As a native, I've built up some favorite choices of dishes at joints and some items that aren't from restaurants, but my memories of them would be hard to duplicate.

slippery shrimp at Yang Chow's
fried chicken at the original Golden Bird
roasted chicken and garlic paste at Zankou
cake - one chocolate layer & one white layer, moca chip filing & white icing at Hansen's
sweet potato pie & peach cobbler at 27th Street Bakery
baked beans at Porky's
apple pancakes at Fred 62
pumpkin ravioli at CaBrea
garlic noodles at Crustacean
lunch or dinner at Fogo de Chao
tempura sushi with soft shell crab at Cafe del Rey
pretzel burger at Rockenwagner
cuban fried chicken salad at Kokomo's
chicken and waffles at Roscoe's
fondue with chorizo & fresch guacamole at La Parilla
melauah and the salad combination plate at Shula & Esther's
tortilla crusted chicken at The Authentic Cafe
german chocolate cake ice cream at Baskin Robbins
oreo shakes at Johnny Rockets
turkey panini sandwiches at Ralph's deli counter
chinese chicken salad & sesame chicken at Feast from the East
jamacian jerk chicken pizza at CPK
vegetarian plate at Cha Cha Cha
croissants at Maison du Pain

I'm sure my memory will be jogged after folks pipe up with their favorites (here or gone).

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  1. Some of my favs:

    Eggplant Parmesan at Little Taste of Hoboken
    Baked Ziti at Mazzarino's
    Pizza at Antica (Margarita), Valentino's in Manhattan Beach (by the slice at the counter)
    crab cakes at Gulf Stream
    Sweet Potato Fries and Spinach/Feta/Apricot Salad at Double Dutch Diner
    Lobster Taquitos at Ocean Seafood
    Veggie Burger at Tip Top in Pacoima
    Margaritas at Lucy's El Adobe made by Frank (God rest!)
    Winter White Chocolate Ice Cream at 31 Flavors (although have to check out the german choc cake)
    sushi at Katsu
    grilled giant prawns at Caffe Penguini
    shrimp burrito at Paquito Mas
    Quesadilla at Sabor a Mexico
    Oatmeal Blueberry Bar at Starbucks
    Gua Coin (mispelled I am sure) Vietnamese Rice Paper rolls and Shrimp Shu Mai at Typhoon

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    1. re: Densible

      Hurrah! I also love the Quesadilla at Sabor! :D


    2. The dates and arroz negro at AOC
      Blue crab hand roll at Sushi Zo
      After school special at Doughboys. Also the hummingbird
      Braised short ribs w/ hearts of palm at Grace
      Toro at Sushi Ike
      Lobster roll and pug burger at Hungry Cat.
      Bacon and cheddar scone at Milk.
      Pho dac biet at Pho So 1
      Nem nuong cuon at Brodard
      Kobe sliders at Red White + Bluezz
      Tuna tartare cornets at Spago. Also the agnolotti.
      Tamal con mole negro at Monte Alban
      Club sandwich at Joans on Third
      Marinated shrimp at Soot Bull Jeep.
      Soon tofu at Beverly Soon Tofu.
      Mindy Remix at Chili My Soul

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      1. re: SauceSupreme

        ITA with you about the dates and Blue Crab!


      2. Wholey Moly or Apple Cobbler French Toast at The Griddle Cafe
        Tuna cornets at Spago
        Natas at Nata's Pastries
        Croissant at Amandine
        Apple and Peach Bran muffins straight from Zen Bakery
        Green Corn Tamales at... gasp! El Cholo (May - Oct)
        Chicken Nachos and Potato Taquitos at Loteria
        Blackberry Cobbler at Cynthia's (she's gone now and I LOVE it! so sue me!)
        Korean BBQ at Soot Bull Jeep
        Blue Collar Special Pizza at Joe Peep's
        Chopped Salad w/ Chicken, Eggplant, and Hearts of Palm at Sisley
        Make-Your-Own-Salad at The Dressing Room
        Custard Tart at The Tudor House
        Grilled Veggie Salad at the Ivy
        Grilled Veggie Salad at 26 Beach
        Omelettes at (don't shoot!) Jerry's
        Omakase at Echigo and Zo
        Omakase at Urasawa (SOOO worth the 275)
        Charbroiled Chicken w/ a massive side of salsa at Eduardo's
        Rotisserie Chicken from Costco and Ralphs

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        1. re: Emme

          Oh Cynthia's - I adored their Mississippi Mud Pie - so amazing!
          I love El Cholo - the peach margaritas (in season) are fantabulous.

          1. re: Emme

            I forgot about those green corn tamales! Yum

            1. re: Emme

              and I heard CaBrea is gone- so long raviolis..

            2. Fried spinach served with lobster at Chinois on Main

              1. A few of mine:

                Mac n' cheese at Violet
                Wild mushroom slice at Abbot's Pizza
                Penny's poached eggs at Meditirina
                House-smoked salmon croquettes at Orris
                Chocolate souffle at Lilly's
                Polenta cake at Ford's
                Burrata with speck at La Buca
                Pork belly/carnitas baco at Opus
                Chorizo and Cheese taco at Pacos Por Favor
                Seafood cocktail at La Playita
                Tater Tots at BLD
                Chicken pesto panini at La Tramezzino
                Bacon cheese twist at Rockenwagner
                Amusing burger at Beechwood
                Queso Fundido at Sabor a Mexico
                Spaghetti Mare at Toscana
                Lardo pizza at Mozza
                Pig candy at Lou
                Tiger shrimp at Primitivo
                Toro hand rolls at Sushi Zo
                Kalua pig quesadilla at Rutts
                Foie Gras 4 ways at Abode
                Slow Roasted pork at Wilson
                Potato fig tortelli at Piccolo
                Tamal de rajas at Guelaguetza
                Clyuda con chorizo from La Oaxaquena truck

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                1. re: hrhboo

                  Okay, I'll bite....what is "pig candy"? Thanks!

                  1. re: hrhboo

                    I feel like such a 'tard for never ordering the tater tots at BLD. Now I have a new goal in life.

                    1. re: SauceSupreme

                      Second, as well as that Canitas Pork Baco... It's ON the list!!