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May 18, 2007 07:49 PM

Recommended Portable Dishwashers?

Hi All,

The good news: I found a decent, affordable place to rent in a pitiful rental market. Hooray!

The only reservation I have about the place is there is no dishwasher. I realize I can live quite comfortably without one....but, they are awfully convenient and I was hoping to find a portable one that is:

-Large enough for 8 place settings
-Energy Star rated
-Reasonably affordable
-Sanitizing (some have a machine-sourced high-temp boost, which would be ideal since I share a water heater with others)

Any recommendations? Or models I should stay away from? Your input would be greatly appreciated- thanks!

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  1. I don't think there is a truly portable dishwasher that holds 8 place settings. I use a small Heier, but even with two adults and two kids, it's a squeeze.

    1. We've got a portable model that is a full size dishwasher, its just on wheels and has a quick connect for the faucet for water intake and drainage. Its a Kenmore and its about 6 years old, but its basically the same as the newer Kenmore versions at Sears. I think they run about $400, which I find a bit steep, personally. We bought ours used from the people who rented the house we're in before us. The quick connect hose works wonderfully, we've never had any problems with leaking and I have to say, hands down, it is the best dishwasher we've had in terms of the cleanliness of the dishes. Nothing that we've had that was built in did as good a job. So, my reccommendation is to go to Sears and check out the Kenmores.