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May 18, 2007 07:16 PM

Marlton, NJ Area For 70th Birthday

Marlton, Medford, Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel and vicinity are all fine. I’m looking for a place to take a pretty large group. It will include grandkids, so family friendly is a must. Either BYOB or beer served—no not for the kids, but my cousins do like to drink--is great. We can’t get too cutting edge, so comfort foods like steak, Italian, traditional American would be ideal. I’m hoping not to break the bank, but a reasonably priced, not too fancy place is ideal.

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  1. Food for Thought on rte 73 (behind olga's diner) in marlton is a good choice. the menus is interesting without being too avant garde. it's a byo, and it's not through the roof expensive.
    there's also Braddocks Tavern in medford, housed in a colonial era building. the menu is fairly traditional but a tad're paying for the atmosphere i suppose. the food is good and the service is attentive. i don't recall if it's a byo or not tho, sorry.