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May 18, 2007 06:03 PM

Astoria Italian Across from Museum

Has anyone tried that weird italian place that opened across from the museum of the moving image?

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  1. What, the imaginatively-named Cinema Paradiso?

    Speaking of lazy restaurant names, the former Le Sans Souci location on Broadway in the 40s is being readed for opening in the next few weeks. "Soho", they're calling it.

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    1. re: hatless

      I'll give "Soho" 8 months.

      Yeah, that's it. Cinema Paradiso. Tried it?

    2. Tried it the first week it opened. I won't go back. The food was unremarkable and really overpriced. I live a block away, so I was excited to see a new place open--but this was so disappointing all-around I just won't go back.