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May 18, 2007 05:45 PM

"Initiale" in Quebec City - Thumbs Up?

My wife and I are visiting Quebec City in a couple of weeks and were intrigued by a number of highly recommended restaurants in town. Ultimately, I decided on making reservations at "Initiale," over "Laurie Raphael" and "Panache," because it had the Relais & Chateaux name associated with it. I'm curious what others say about it who have been there. Is the place "Anglophone" friendly (do they have English menus? I imagine they would at such a high end place)? Any recommendations on what to order? Your feedback is appreciated!

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  1. My family would say you made the right choice. It's our top favorite QC spot, with Panache a close second after five food-oriented trips. (Going back again this August) We've never had any difficulty ordering there without French skills and have found the service very welcoming. It's a little on the formal side but not in an off-putting way as you will often find in NY. (Panache is a little less formal, L.R. is hit-or-miss and you can find yourself ignored for half hours at a time) They have at least one set menu but you can order a la carte also, which is usually what we do. We have also been able to pull an item off a set menu to order a la carte. Last time I had a suckling pig entree which was outstanding after the foie gras appetizer. Would do that again in a heartbeat. But truthfully this is a chef who I would trust blindly with anything on the menu.

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      Thank you for the feedback! We're staying at the Auberge Ste. Antoine, so Panache will be a tempting alternative since it's just an elevator ride away. I'll post a "review" when I return.