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May 18, 2007 05:27 PM

Lupita's Mexican in Evanston

I've eaten at Lupita's a lot in recent years, and she continues to turn out some of the best Mexican food in the northern suburbs, and *the* best of the Mexican places in Evanston, IMHO. The regular menu at Lupita's is very conventional (and very good), but where she really shines is in the daily/weekly lunch and dinner specials. There are usually 1-3 appetizer specials and 3-4 entree specials, always including at least one or two types of fresh fish/seafood. The weekly specials change on Friday and they're posted on their website but not always right away. And the dates on the menu show the specials running from Friday to Friday but they actually run from Friday to Thursday.

I like the grilled sea bass when it's on the menu, and her sauces are excellent, especially the moles. The chips and salsa are always nice; unlike most places, the chips are flour rather than corn, and they bring a few mini chorizo-potato taquitos. At dinner tonight, our waiter advised us that they had an appetizer that was not listed on the specials sheet, pulpo al ajillo, which is octopus in a spicy garlic sauce. He said that it was extremely tender, and he was right - tender and delicious! The desserts are nice, too, particularly the chocolate cream roll.

You can find good Mexican food throughout the Chicago area, of course. If you happen to be in or near Evanston, Lupita's is worth checking out.

700 Main St.
Evanston, IL 60202
847 328 2255

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  1. Strongly disagree. The food at Lupita's is mediocre at best, and the margaritas are, if not the worst in Chicago, at least in the team picture. Far better Mexican fare can be had at numerous places on Clark St. in Rogers Park, a few short blocks away.

    There are many fine restos in the Main St/Chicago Ave. area. Lupita's is not one of them.

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      Wow. I've dined at Lupita's a couple of times, it may not be the best Mexician on the northside but it is far from "mediocre at best".

      1. re: sundevilpeg

        I've tried many of the places on Clark Street in Rogers Park. About the only really positive thing I can say about them is that they are cheaper. They aren't *bad*. But the food is far more conventional (less creative), and really don't compare with Lupita's in any way. If you want tacos, they're fine. If you want really creative, delicious Mexican food, Lupita's is far, far better in every way. Especially the daily/weekly specials, where her abilities really shine.