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May 18, 2007 05:24 PM

Ice Cream?

Other than Greg's in the city, where are the good places to go to get REALLY good ice cream. For more mundane ice cream decadence, does anyone know if Kawartha Dairies sells anywhere within the GTA?


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  1. Try Ed's Real Scoop on Queen E, past the main drag. I used to see Kawartha at Shopper's Drugmart at Queen and Leslie but haven't looked in ages. Their website has an extensive list of who sells it by the scoop or by the container. And they always have a stand at the CNE outside of the food building, a long time to wait, I know!

    1. Soma at the Distillery is magnifico! It doesn't taste like junk food.

      1. I know it's not quite the same thing, but Solferino on Wellington has fantastic gelato.

        1. It isn't all that easy to get really good ice cream in Toronto. Ed's Real Scoop tries hard. Neither Ed's nor Greg's ice creams are anywhere near as rich as Haagen Dazs and B&J.

          Soma has some decent ice cream (though I found it less interesting than I expected and much less decadent). Other possibilities include Summers and Dessert Lady in Yorkville. Not great across the board, but worth trying.

          For Gelato, I like Hollywood best with Solferino second. My long love affair with La Paloma died a couple of years ago after several scoops of really crappy, artificial stuff.

          At least we're not stuck with Cold Stone Creamery.

          Kawartha is available around Toronto. I think I last noticed it at Nunzio's on Bayview.

          1. They sell Kawartha Dairies ice cream at Suckers candy store on the Danforth (near Chester station.)

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              There is also a small selection at Sun Valley Foods on the Danforth (near the corner of Pape and Danforth)