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May 18, 2007 05:16 PM

Need great sushi in Newport Beach

We are having company next weekend and they love sushi and we want to take them somewhere really, really good. Concerned with quality, not the price. Thank you!

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    1. re: torta basilica

      i second bluefin. had really good meal there few weeks ago...little pricey tho

    2. Eh you could go for Shibucho instead. It's right by Newport Beach.

      1. Sushi wave in Costa Mesa (on Newport Blvd) is excellent. The quality and freshness has never once disappointed. I highly recommend the yellowtail sashimi - it's divine!

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        1. re: emmanoir

          If you're concerned about quality, please skip Sushi Wave. I've been there a few times (at the insistence of a non-traditional sushi eating relative) and found the quality of the raw fish to be poor. The only edible "sushi" there are the non-raw-fish rolls. For comparison of taste, my regular sushi joints are Shibucho, Bluefin, Kiriko, Sushi Gen, and Mori. I highly recommend Shibucho for more traditional tastes, but Bluefin if you want some non-raw items with your meal.

        2. Bluefin is great..but bang for the buck..Ikko in Costa mesa

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          1. re: otonitoni

            Feel like a broken record. Go for Bluefin. Their lunch special sushi platter isn't that expensive, especially when you consider the quality.