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May 18, 2007 05:04 PM

Meatloaf on a stick

Berkley Days, a sort of carnival-community swap meet event in Berkley, MI this weekend will feature Meatloaf on a stick. A local couple claims to have invented it - it's meatloaf on skewer, dipped in a potato/fry batter mixture and then deep fried.

Ever heard of it elsewhere?

I will try some tomorrow and report back


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  1. Wow...I'll be interested to hear your thoughts, as I have to tell you: your subject heading is something I find offensive/nauseating (in a semi-humorous way). I can't think of any good reason why someone would *want* to lay claim to inventing such a thing, but then again, maybe it's ambrosia!

    ::doesn't believe for a second that it's ambrosia:: ;)

    1. Sounds like deep-fried Kefta. Kefta's north african. Maybe Morrocan? Mix ground beef or lamb or a mix (I use lamb + pork and call it lork) with onion, parsley, mint, spices (cumin's nice). I like it grilled or broiled served with a sauce, but i spose you could deep fry it.

      1. I expect we'll see this at the Minnesota State Fair soon enough...

        1. I have eaten meatloaf-on-a-stick.

          As an experience, eating meatloaf-on-a-stick has some positive aspects:

          1. the profits benefit the local library
          2. the inventors of it are friends, so i supported them
          3. i consider myself an adventuresome person, willing to try new things
          4. i was told the frying oil was low-trans-fat oil

          As a food, meatloaf-on-a-stick has some shortcomings

          The crust is crispy. Following the crust is a layer of soft, sort-of-potatoey-tasting ... um...stuff, followed by the meatloaf (not terrible meat loaf, decent meat with a little spice to it), followed by your teething cracking on the wood skewer. The crispy-mushy-firm combination was odd. The potatoey mushy stuff didn't really taste like or have the mouth-feel of actual food. Oh, heck - they're friends, but it wasn't very good.

          To be fair, they were have some trouble holding the proper temperature for the cooking oil, so that may have impacted the end result. (But then, who knows what is the proper temp for frying meatloaf-on-a-stick?)


          1. Seems to me you could make a meat loafy thing on a stick without any coating and it would be quite tasty. I'd just do a kibbee mixture, form it on a stick, and fry it. Dip it in a cucumber/yogurt sauce and you'd have some seriously good street food.