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May 18, 2007 04:23 PM

Looking for Glatt Kosher wedding catering/hall in central NJ

Hi! I'm looking for a Glatt Kosher caterer in central NJ. I will go North as far as Jersey City but that's about it. My wedding is going to be smallish: 100-150.

Can anyone tell me what the average price/person for kosher caterers? I'm on a strict budget. I'm open to suggestions.

Plus, there may be separate dancing in the beginning of the reception.

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  1. Average around $150 pp. You can find from $30-$500. Pretty much you get what you pay for in my experience.

    1. First off you didn't say where specifically in Central NJ. There are tons of places, that will do Glatt Kosher catering, do you want a place that only does kosher or can it be a place that will have glatt kosher catering?
      Almost all places will allow glatt kosher or kosher caterers if they do not have their own source for catering.
      You can also chose a venue that will charge just for the space and bring in a caterer to do a kosher event. First off your best bet is to get the Nj wedding locations guide. They list all the spaces, whether or not they have a kosher caterer (or only do kosher catering), and if they do not, if you are allowed to bring an outside caterer (most places in the book say no outside food unless kosher). You can do a wedding from $75 to $300, this depends not only on the space, but on what you choose for catering (how many choices, types of food) and also what month. The amount of people you are suggesting is not small its pretty average sized. Have you asked your shul if they do events or who they recommend? Your Rabbi must officiate somewhere and could recommend where he has been. I wouldn't say $30 unless you're renting out a space like the Firehouse in Marlboro and doing buffet from a restaurant like a kosher deli or Levy's (Italian) in Freehold. If you're more specific about your needs I can make a whole list. Also, most shuls will also do kosher catering. Does it have to be an Orthodox shul or will a Conservative shul that does glatt suffice? As for separate dancing i'm not sure what spacing that would require (I'm Conservative but do keep strict kosher). I have investigated tons of halls and caterers to host and supply a kosher wedding. I'm from Central NJ so i'm quite familiar with everything you could possibly need (now living in NW NJ - around here we've got Crystal Plaza (kosher kitchen), Livingston is the caterer, in my town we've got Congregation Ahawas Achim B'nai Jacob and David, a Modern Orthodox Shul (both Sephardi and Ashkenazi), which has a catering hall,

      You really need to be more specific as to your needs, location, cost, etc. Most any place will allow you to bring in a glatt caterer. Let us know what you're looking for and I can be more specific. Do you keep kosher or are you planning a kosher wedding, but do not keep, and are not sure of what is available.

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        I suggest the Young Israel of East Brunswick, call them up and find out who their caterers are.

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          call classical caterers at congregation bnai tikvah

      2. I would highly recommend Congregation Brothers of Israel in Elberon. The catering hall wasjust recently redecorated and it is gorgeous. Call them at 732 222 6666, YOu will not be sorry. As far as caterers I would recommend dalgar caterers in lakewoodl> I used htem for my sons bar mitzvah and they were the best. their number is 732 961 7902 and their website is